Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

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Money isn’t the main thing on your mind as you start the month with the sun in frugal Capricorn, but you aren’t above saving a buck or two here and there either. Do you really need the premium version of that dating app or to pay for a matchmaking service? Try some good, old-fashioned networking instead, Cancer.

There’s a powerful Venus-Mars trine on January 9 that can highlight some powerful chemistry between you and your crush. Don’t worry. They feel it, too, and they might be ready to do something about it. If not, it’s time for you to make your move. Are you excited? You should be!

The sun leaves conservative Capricorn and enters friendly Aquarius on the nineteenth, creating lots more dating options for you. If you’re willing to be experimental, there are all kinds of new dating apps and technological advances that can further your love life. The sooner you start doing research, the faster you’ll find that special someone.

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