Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope

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Though your 7th House of Love and Marriage is mostly empty this year, love and romance are definitely priorities and on the cards. Saturn, your Love Planet, is now in your own Sign and House. Love blooms. For singles there are marriage opportunities.
With Saturn as your Love Planet you are not likely to rush into anything. You will let love grow and develop naturally. You know that marriage is a serious thing and you want to be sure everything is right before you enter into it.
When the Love Planet is in your own Sign and House, it shows that love is pursuing you. Nothing special you need to do – just show up. In fact, it is practically impossible to avoid love this year. Your lover or spouse is going way out of his or her way to please you. He or she seems totally devoted to your interests and needs. He or she is on your side – behind you 100 per cent.
You are especially aware of the duties and responsibilities involved with love this year. Love is not mere sensuous emotion and flowery sentiment – it is a sense of duty to the beloved and vice versa. These duties can keep both of you well occupied in the year ahead – but again remember the injunctions about your energy. If you are weak or ill, you won’t be able to do your duty.
Your lover is someone established – perhaps older. Someone serious. Looks like a corporate type – a manager or executive. This person (or perhaps the family of this person) is of high status relative to you. Perhaps, through over devotion and from the highest of motives, he or she will try to overmanage or micro-manage you. This could create some tension.
Marriage this year looks like a good career move, too. Your overall status in life and in society is elevated due to this partnership. The relationship seems ‘staid’, but safe and secure.
Those working towards a second marriage have completely opposite tendencies. Their love lives seem very unstable. Anything can happen at any time. Romance strikes like a lightning flash. But it can end suddenly too. Affections change suddenly and mysteriously – both for you and your lover. I can see serial relationships for years to come. Marriage might not be advisable at this time. You’re playing the field and experimenting. You are also attracting lovers who feel the same way. Still, there’s a lot of fun and romantic excitement happening. The highs will be very high, but the crashes can be ultra-low.
Those working towards a third marriage have a status- quo year: singles will tend to stay single; marrieds will tend to stay married.
Those working towards a fourth marriage have wonderful aspects – marriage opportunity is there and likely to happen.

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Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope
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