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Life is evolving dramatically from the core. This month brings more shifts, but this is a chance to stabilize, restructure, integrate, and reevaluate before you move forward.

Your friendships and connections are in focus as the sun moves through Taurus over the first three weeks of May. On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, followed by the Scorpio full moon three days later, bringing information and conversations with friends and revealing important truths. This is extremely fertile, creative, sexual, and romantic energy. You’re free to be yourself, be want what you want, love who you love, and express yourself, It’s okay to have a change of heart, but you have to be honest with yourself.

On the tenth, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, asking you to reexamine boundaries in financial and intimate commitments. What were your parents' values surrounding sex, money, marriage, and commitment? How are yours different? Know your limits, but be willing to lower your guard when necessary. This is a chance to realign with your values and restructure commitments so you can allow in the financial and emotional support, intimacy, and security you desire.

Mercury enters Gemini on May 11, followed by Mars entering Pisces and Venus turning retrograde in Gemini the next day. You're learning information and drawing inward. You're becoming aware of secret desires, fears, ideas, and subconscious (perhaps self-destructive) patterns regarding relationships and money. You needn’t share your business with the world, but at least be honest with yourself and keep partners on a need-to-know basis. With awareness, you can make different choices.

On the fourteenth, Jupiter stations retrograde in your relationship sector, marking a phase of expansion and deepening important connections. You're discovering a deeper truth about situations that you might have previously missed, but now it’s becoming impossible to ignore. Whatever unfolds, be grateful. You're learning what you need to know so you can make wise choices. Learn to be open to receive the support in your world.

On May 20, the sun enters Gemini, followed by the Gemini new moon two days later, drawing you further into the unknown and deep inward for introspection and soul searching over the next three weeks. You don’t have all the information, but the answers you seek are already within you.

Make time to meditate, quiet your mind, be still, and listen to your inner voice, and you can be guided in the right direction.

Standout days: 4, 10, 17
Challenging days: 3, 7, 10, 22

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