Cancer Monthly Horoscope

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On November 5, the sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. The world gets more emotional for you, but not for everyone around you. The new moon on the seventh wants you to remember a long-forgotten heart's desire. It could be something utterly personal that revives an old, important love. Indulge yourself.

On November 16, Venus goes direct shortly before Mercury goes retrograde. True love won't need to explain anything.

You might be full of energy under the full moon on the twenty-second, and people could be tugging at you to fill up your time with their concerns. You won't let that happen, though. Pamper your inner child - and your deeper mind - with more quality, private peace and quiet. Let the world buzz away without you.

On November 24, Neptune goes direct shortly before the moon enters Cancer. Let something touch your heart and maybe find new inspiration and a higher aspiration.

Standout days: 9, 16, 24
Challenging days: 13, 25

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope
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