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Mercury is retrograde as you enter November and traveling with the sun in Scorpio, drawing you out of your comfort zone and inviting you to love and live more mindfully and deeply.

With Mars in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius, it’s hoped that you realize how supported you are by family, colleagues, lover, and life. Whatever the past (perhaps childhood) was like, you're realizing your power to create your reality in every moment with thoughts, words, and deeds. Stay in the present, consciously release the past, and enjoy your life (that you work so hard for) every day. This is a chance to reconnect with your inner child and rediscover what love means to you.

The Taurus full moon on November 12 brings a friendship, a social situation, and your hopes and wishes into view. You can have what you want if you’re honest with yourself. Something might feel risky, but Mercury stations direct on the twentieth, bringing forward movement and undeniable truths and desires to the surface.

The sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, and this is the beginning of the end of Jupiter’s year-long stay in Sagittarius. Look to see how far you’ve come, how you’ve grown, what you’re taking, and what you’re leaving behind. As Venus meets Jupiter and Mars opposes Uranus two days later, embody the lessons of the past year, heal, and create the space to live your best life every day.

Your new life begins with the Sagittarius new moon on the twenty-sixth. Nurture it and your relationships, and embrace the real love and abundance entering your world every day.

Standout days: 8, 12, 13, 24, 25
Challenging days: 5, 14, 24

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