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With a Virgo new moon and planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars packed in your communication sector, you’re having conversations, learning information, and revealing the road ahead. Remember that words have power and can hurt or heal. Be sensitive, avoid being critical, and look for solutions rather than problems.

Life is stabilizing, and this is a chance to solidify and stabilize important connections and get on the same page with a partner. You are supported by friends, partner, and the universe. Whatever you need now, ask and be open to receive. Help is close at hand.

As the Pisces full moon aligns on September 13, you’re being shown the way forward toward the greater freedom you seek. Clarify the big picture as you reflect on your next steps. On the next day, Mercury and Venus enter Libra, bringing a sense of celebration and a homecoming. You’re at the end of one stage of your journey. This is a chance to rest your feet a while before you begin your next adventure.

Saturn stations direct in your relationship sector on the eighteenth, suggesting a forward movement in relationships. Saturn’s retrograde phase since April 29 has marked an inner restructuring process so you can rebuild connections on solid foundations. This is a threshold, deepening commitments where there is mutual respect and support.

On September 21, the final Jupiter-Neptune square brings you to a final turning point in events that were unfolding in mid-January and then mid-June, allowing you to make huge strides toward a greater vision you’ve long held and a dream of liberation, beckoning you to explore distant horizons.

The sun enters Libra on the twenty-third, drawing your attention to home and family matters. Consciously release the past to find inner balance and peace and restore a sense of harmony. By September 28, the new moon marks a new cycle, allowing you to move ahead with a deeper sense of belonging, security, and peace. You are love, dear Cancer, and you’re not alone.

Standout Dates: 1, 6, 18
Challenging Dates: 2, 14, 25

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