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Money! It’s one of your favorite topics and this year has the potential to be one of the financially best. For that you can thank Jupiter, planet of expansion, which enters Aquarius, your solar eighth house, January 5. You or your partner could earn a siz-able raise or bonus or cash in on a windfall triggered by anything from an investment to the lottery. The goal here of course is to begin the next year with a larger net worth than you had at the start of 2020. Save more than you spend and build assets that will grow into the future.
There is, however, one potential wrinkle in this otherwise glowing scenario: Neptune. This planet is also in Aquarius and, in May and December, it will join forces with Jupiter. That has its pros and cons. Neptune is illusion and confusion, but also intuition, creativity, faith, and inspiration. Your challenge is to use the best of Neptune to fatten your bank account while dodging its less positive aspects.
Be sure to get the facts before you make major financial decisions. If you have the slightest doubt, don’t, no matter what anyone tells you. Read all the fine print even if you trust your banker and be especially cautious with consumer credit. It would be easy, for example, to overlook or misunderstand the due date on a limited- time, no-interest purchase.
Serious Saturn spends much of the year in Virgo, the sign it will revisit next spring. Placed in your solar third house of communication, learning, and quick trips, all these activities will be emphasized as they have been since Saturn entered Virgo two years ago.
On a practical level you could need a new vehicle or major appliance this year. If you think that’s a possibility, research options before it becomes a necessity. That way you won’t be rushed and risk the chance of making the wrong purchase. Stay on top of routine vehicle maintenance and if you sense a problem get it checked right away. Doing this could save you money.
Learning is in the spotlight with Saturn in Virgo and you can thoroughly grasp any subject you study now partly because of your increased ability to concentrate and absorb information. Get the practical how-to skills you need for your career or a leisure-time pursuit. Details will come easily, but the big picture could get lost, so periodically take a step back and see how everything fits together.
Communication will be equally important, especially in close relationships, both business and personal. Saturn’s lesson here presents a quandary. On the one hand Saturn will encourage you to open up, while on the other it will discourage the same. So the true lesson is more one of confidence in your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Think things through first so you’re comfortable saying what you want to say.
If you’ve ever wanted to polish your public speaking and presentation skills, now is the time. You might also want to tutor students, teach a community class, or volunteer at the library or your children’s school.
Saturn will operate in tandem with Uranus throughout much of 2020. These two planets will form an exact alignment in February and September across your solar third/ninth house axis.
Uranus represents change and the unexpected, while Saturn is the planet of stability and caution. The two are obviously at odds so your challenge is to blend their energies in the areas of information, knowledge, travel, and spirituality.
Try to avoid travel during February and September when you could experience delays, cancellations, and mechanical problems. Also be careful about what you put in writing during the same time frame, and resist the urge to make snap decisions and comebacks, which you may later regret.
Education may be the single most positive use of the Saturn/Uranus alignment. Take a class for fun or to boost your career prospects, read, ask questions, talk with people. And don’t be surprised if you suddenly realize some long-held beliefs are changing. At the least it will be to your advantage this year to listen to and contemplate divergent opinions as a way to expand your mental horizons.
Saturn will enter Libra October 29 to begin a three-year emphasis on your domestic life. You may relocate or extensively remodel your home between then and the next year, or purchase your first home.
This will be a period of establishing roots, when home and family take on added importance. Your parents or elderly relatives may require more of your time and attention and you could take on more responsibility for their daily care.
From the time Saturn enters Libra through year’s end it will contact Pluto in Capricorn, your solar seventh house of close relationships. You’ll experience the effects of this lineup as conflict, frustration, or both, when your values clash or you begin to see yourself and your identity in a different light. This is also a good time to resolve childhood issues so you can move into the future s with renewed confidence.

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