Cancer April 2020 Horoscope

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The rewards for your efforts in career improve, but you may still not have clear sailing because there are likely to be some loopholes or vague promises that leave you feeling a little unsure of yourself. Listen to your heart, but don’t ignore the numbers.
Although you may want to build your fitness, you may not like the idea of doing it entirely alone. If you can’t convince your friend to join you, consider getting involved in team sports or a fitness class. Joint participation builds your confidence.
Falling in love with love… Fantasy and romance are delicious, but the direction you’re going may be unclear. Perhaps it’s time to enjoy the moment without wondering what it all means. You’re changing, opening to different possibilities, and ready for something different: that’s the evolving inner you. The old you may still be hanging onto old ideas or a long- lost love. Re-evaluate during the Moon on April 30.
Professional advancement continues, with something unusual emerging during the Moon on April 15 that may prompt you to change your mind. Size up the competition before you jump into the ring. Business meetings and conferences fare well from April 4 to 17. Investment options are uncertain after April 18, although some clarity emerges from April 25 to 30. If you don’t like the picture, bow out for a while.
Artistic, entertaining and creative ventures are more satisfying, even though you may not see much tangible value in some of them. This is your time to have a little fun for the sake of fun.

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