Cancer January 2020 Horoscope

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The year begins with the Moon in Cancer on January 1, marking a time of enhanced sensibility and awareness of your deeper needs. Holding the vision of completeness improves your relationships and sets the stage for achieving true satisfaction.
You’re susceptible to the problems associated with extra stress, and you need to find positive outlets for frustration. Something competitive but not too strenuous, because it’s easy to overdo it. Try not to use your limitations as an excuse!
Partnerships are the focus, and if you need a different balance in the relationship, clarify your feelings on January 1. Sexually, you may feel experimental from January 4 to 15, when loosening your inhibitions adds to the playful quality of lovemaking. With the Moon on January 17, make changes that bring greater harmony. By the time the lunar eclipse rolls around on January 31, your feelings about your partner are changing. Which way? That’s up to you!
Contract negotiations and legal matters fare best from January 7 to 25, although you may put your plans into action from January 17 to 30 and see positive growth and success. A little turmoil on the home front may result from moving or renovating, but unless you have time, there’s likely to be conflict with career if you’re trying to supervise both ends of the seesaw. Delegate. Pay attention to joint finance and tax matters after January 20.
Allow time for something special and entertaining in your schedule from January 27 to 31. You’ll be happy with the end results.

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