Cancer July 2020 Horoscope

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Your dreams for the future are changing, and in order to move toward realizing them you need a little time to adjust. Expanded inner awareness and intuitive insights strengthen your trust in your creativity. Let your muse inspire you.
Exploring more effective ways to enhance your physical grace has the benefit of adding flexibility. Activities like dance, tai chi or hatha yoga might be perfect. You might also enjoy other sports that build coordination.
You’re ready for an intriguing romantic experience, and adding a little fantasy or role playing to your love life can deepen the intimacy you share with a partner during the Cancer Moon on July 12. A flirtation or fascination with someone new from July 5 to 14 may not be fully realized, or you could be sending or receiving mixed signals. Love flows more readily from July 20 to 24, but you still may suffer a few mis-understandings.
Showcasing your talents is rewarding, and you’re most expressive after July 15, when your audience is also appreciative. Give special attention to money matters, because investments may falter from July 4 to 13 due to unseen problems.
Mercury’s retrograde from July 12 to August 5 adds its own delays and frustrations in the realm of material things. Safeguard your possessions, especially around the lunar eclipse on July 28.
Take a break from pressures, because trying to force most situations will only result in frustration. Complete escape may not be possible, but at least you can rise above the hassles.

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