Cancer June 2020 Horoscope

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Friction between home and work can be the source of extra stress, but you can accomplish your aims through community support and working with others instead of just carrying the burdens alone. Staying on a budget may not be as easy.
Everything may be rush, rush, rush—and in your attempts to keep the candle burning at both ends you can simply run out of steam. To avoid burnout, set limits. Yet staying active is crucial if you are to generate adequate energy and avoid feeling exhausted.
Family disputes can escalate out of control, especially if there are misunderstandings about money. But you can make important changes, clear away old garbage (that includes emotional stuff), and open the way to greater support and understanding. By the Moon on June 28 you’re feeling more centered, and achieving balance seems more realistic. Listen to your partner’s concerns, but clue him or her into your needs, too.
Impulsive spending from June 1 to 5 can cause headaches. Finances need careful evaluation, and even though you may think you’ve stumbled onto a great plan, check out the details before you invest time or money. Large expenditures or obligations can arise from June 13 to 19, but after June 23 you may feel more settled. At work, there’s plenty of competition, and you can certainly rise to the occasion.
Your fighting spirit is ready to go.
Working cooperatively with others may not be easy, but is likely to be necessary. Your influence and leadership set the tone after June 8.

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