Cancer November 2020 Horoscope

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Relationships take center stage. Family connections and intimate love ties need extra time and attention, and you may not be happy unless you feel that your personal life is getting the consideration it deserves.
You may be feeling a bit more competitive, and physical outlets help you maintain balance. Set new goals for fitness, and spend some time reviewing your health needs.
It’s a good time to evaluate your status.
Turmoil with your partner escalates unless you make an effort to deal with the question of expectations. Because your intentions can be more pure during the Moon on November 7, use that time to get closer to the one you love and express your feelings of love and appreciation.
Mercury’s retrograde from November 4 to 24 encourages you to take a second look at your love life, and to bring unresolved issues into the open so you can deal with them.
New business fares best from November 1 to 3, but once Mercury’s retrograding, you’re likely to spend more time completing what’s already on track. Friction with superiors can be uncomfortable mid-month, and after the Moon on November 23 you may have different ideas about what you want to accomplish at work. Joint finances become confusing after November 26, when investments may also lose some of their sparkle.
Solidify your understanding of the situations at the center of your life with concerted effort on your part. Indirectness may work against you, though.

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