Cancer September 2020 Horoscope

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Powerful words and innovative ideas open the way for transformational change. You may be learning something new, or you may simply be incorporating a different technology into your work. Regardless of the stimulus, your mind is hungry.
Mars’ energy galvanizes your need to increase your activity level, and you may feel driven to push your body just a bit. If you honor your limitations while rising to the challenge you might be surprised at your increased performance.
If you ‘ve been reluctant to share your deep thoughts and feelings, you may finally feel an opening and allow your voice to be clearly heard during the Moon on August 9. A quiet rendezvous on August 5, 8 to 10, or 13 can be the perfect chance to share your hopes and clarify your feelings. Family issues may require extra time near the Moon on August 25, and you may be the one stirring the pot of dissension.
A little upheaval at work from August 1 to 4 may be the result of new policies or hierarchy changes, and it’s important to watch for fallout until August 18. You may be unhappy with these changes, but you can take action that will ultimately bring improvements.
Choose your allies carefully to avoid being misunderstood. Your past actions may seem to stand in your way from August 14 to 23, but you are breaking new ground after that.
Address old debts and review your finances this month. It’s time to turn the tide and open the way for increase instead of loss.

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