Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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You seem to be making a sterling impression on those in authority, which is all to your benefit. However, as sweet Venus merges with wounded healer Chiron, you could experience moments of self-doubt. Understanding that these could be related to an earlier period in your life might help you work around this matter and make progress.

A surprise invitation could also show up and take you aback. It might come from someone quite unexpected, leaving you wondering whether to accept it or not. Cosmic forces encourage you to go for it. What comes out of this could be very positive.

Radical Pluto turns retrograde midweek, until October 3, so your focus could shift. This begins a process in which you may want to look within yourself to the root cause of any relationship difficulties. Over time, this could prove to be very rewarding and healing.

Finally, if someone wants you to join some sort of scheme that seems too good to be true this weekend, it might be wise to reject it.

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