Cancer 2019 Wellness Horoscope

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New year 2019 will bring new chance to live healthy, so focus on your life instead of your illness. Take care of all aspects of your health - physical, spiritual, and emotional – to increase the likelihood that you stay well.

Overview: Cancer2019 Health Horoscope

Time to do cardiovascular conditioning with physical activities like brisk walking, swimming, running, or cycling to strengthen your heart, lungs and blood flow. Keep your immune system healthy – sleep more, don’t drink and smoke, do aerobics exercise and eat high-fiber food and whole grains. Choose nutrient-rich foods, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Astrology Predictions: Cancer2019 Health Horoscope

Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury are the key ruling planets for the Cancer moon sign that will influence the health in 2019. Saturn, the lord of eighth house will be in the sixth house, there is a tendency to get prone to heart diseases. As Saturn will aspect the eighth house, you may face a sudden health problem; thus follow a healthy diet regime. Jupiter aspect will save you from major health issues, but take special care in case you are a heart patient. In the month of January, Mercury will conjunct Saturn in the sixth house in Sagittarius. Damage can occur to nerves in your brain and spinal cord. Practice relaxation techniques to evoke the relaxation response and reduce stress. In mid year, Mercury will be with Rahu in the twelfth house of hospital, you may feel fear of getting sick. However, as Rahu will be positioned in the house of hospital – you may have to seek medical consultation from doctor. Further, in the month of March, Ketu will conjunct Saturn. Over-stress may upset the delicate balance of digestion, and you may feel uneasiness in your stomach. In June 2019, Sun will transit in the twelfth house, take care of your immune system to prevent illness.

Important Dates: Cancer 2019 Health Horoscope

1 January to 31 January - Mercury will conjunct Saturn in the 6th house in Sagittarius so nervous problem. In January nervous problem, leg/knee pain will be there. 13 February to 15 March – Sun will transit in eighth house; Unfavourable period as it will tip you off to a weakened immune system. 15 June to 14 July - Again, you will have a weakened immune system. Take back control of your well-being with health-promoting lifestyle, stress management, exercise, diet ad herbal medicines. 30 July to 3 August - You may experience insomnia, and feel drowsy and fatigued during this period. Maintain a quiet, comfortable sleep environment and a relaxing bedtime routine.

The Doctor of Last Resort

Overall, 2019 will be a healthy year. All you need to do is practice good hygiene for social, medical and psychological reasons as it will reduce the risk of illness.

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