Cancer 2019 Horoscope

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Although the last year began with restrictions, this year 2019 will bring opportunities to experience deep inner healing. In your quest to find meaning in your life, you've opened doors to experiences and relationships which have brought true transformation.

If your birthday occurred between July 12th and the 23rd, you had to face some deep insecurities through the last year. However, there were teachers and philosophical beliefs which gave you strength and helped you find an inner courage to meet those challenges. Since six years ago, Cancerians born between June 22nd to July 6th have experienced Neptune's opposition to the Sun. This cycle dissolves the ego and can bring experiences ranging from ecstasy to despair.

The challenge has been to learn forgiveness and ways to let go of relationships and all things out of harmony with the Divine Plan. However, with Pluto's supportive trine to the Sun, you've also been restored. The revolutionary changes occurring for those born June 22 to the 29th have quickened the pace during the '80s. It's almost like you're living a different life, but you're still in the same body!

2019 is one of those cycles of profound inner awareness which can strengthen every area of your life. Jupiter's transit through your sign lasts until August 18th, bringing expansion and growth that will form a base upon which you can build for about 12 years! A confident, optimistic attitude will inspire trust in others who will help you build that security of which you dream.

There are challenges during 2019, foremost among them the challenge to change. If your birthday falls between June 26th and July 2nd, you're breaking up old patterns. Uranus opposes your Sun, challenging you to let the real person inside you emerge. Maybe it's time to let go of excessive sentimentality and release old loves so you can find real happiness in your present life. If you refuse to allowyour true Self to emerge, this will be a very frustrating year!

You need to be on guard against self-deception if your birthday occurs between July 3rd and the 9th since Neptune's opposing your Sun. You may feel like escaping to a tropical island and letting the world take care of its problems without you. This energy can be used productively through creative means and by visualizing a more harmonious and peaceful world for yourself and others.

If you were born between July 6th and the 13th, you have a phenomenal year ahead. Pluto, the energy of transformation and healing, is in supportive trine to your Sun while Saturn opposes the Sun. Remember all that old baggage you've been cursing for so long—the lost love, the unfair boss, those boxes of old letters or even the nagging hurt inside yourself? Now's the time you can walk away from that pain by deciding you don't have time for it any longer! What have you outgrown? Can you release it? Who do you need to forgive? Even your attitudes about yourself can change now, and you can feel that you have really matured beautifully.

Those born from July 12th-19th may feel blocked. You may not realize it, but you probably created many of those blocks by compromising your needs. You could have done this by working in a job you find unfulfilling or staying in a relationship which is heading nowhere. Many of your difficulties will come from trying to overcontrol your life situations. Saturn's opposition to your Sun creates important questions for you. What do you really need now? How are you meeting those needs?

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