Cancer April 2019 Horoscope

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Recognition for your efforts is important, and you may win the favor and support of influential individuals. This provides a stepping stone for progress, so keep your aims high.

Getting involved in a team sport or fitness class can motivate you to improve your overall strength and vitality. Choose a healthy celebration for your victories.

Friends play an important role in helping you to maintain your objectivity. You may also feel inclined to get more involved in community or special interest concerns. Surrounding yourself with others who share your ideals and interests is supportive and inspiring.

You're in the mood for romance during the Moon on the 22nd, when you may want to try something different. Be sure you and your partner are equally interested in experimenting.

Set some specific career goals on the 7th, with the energy of the Moon, and complete projects standing in the way of your progress.

Be alert to the hidden agenda from your boss or superiors from the 13th—16th. Research new options during Mercury's retrograde from the 14th—30th, but be wary of enticements that appear out of nowhere from the 20th—24th, when you could be tempted by something that really does not fit your needs.

Your intuitive insights are strong from the 12th—14th, but you may fall victim to illusion. Explore the details of new situations, and look before you leap into anything.

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