Cancer April 2018 Horoscope

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Your career may seem to be on hold, and the best progress may include maneuvering through the red tape. It’s important to address the issues, and taking responsibility for personal satisfaction with your work can help you decide which path to follow.
Mental stress drains your physical vitality early in the month, when regular stretching or massage can help revitalize you. Consider getting involved in a fitness class or team sports after the 15th, when the social interaction can lift your spirits while you stay fit.
Tension with family or parents can be rather pressing through the Moon on the 11th, and if there are misunderstandings, you’ll benefit by addressing them instead of ducking the issues. You may yearn for a relationship in which you share your most soulful needs, and after the 12th, you may meet a person whose ideals and spiritual yearnings echo your own. Unconditional love and acceptance are easier to manifest following the Moon on the 26th.
Mercury’s retrograde through the 20th is complicated by the disquieting energy of Mars and Saturn; you may run into a lot of resistance while trying to solve problems. There is hope for workable solutions after the 12th, but you may have to make technological adaptations first. Costly mistakes can set back your finances from the 9th—16th, when you’re also more likely to misplace something valuable.
Professional allies and good friends make a difference in the quality of your life after the 26th. Before then, you may feel like you’re on your own.

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Cancer April 2018 Horoscope
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