Cancer August 2018 Horoscope

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During Mercury’s retrograde, which lasts through the 23rd, pay attention to financial details. It’s a good idea to balance that checkbook, keep track of your wallet, and be very cautious with contracts.
Pace yourself, since pushing beyond your limits can wear you out before you know it. During your fitness activities, set goals to increase endurance, but remind yourself that you may not get there tomorrow.
Love can blossom with Venus and Mars both in your sign, but you have to address old emotional issues during the lunar eclipse on the 7th, or your fears will block your ability to achieve the intimacy you desire. Whether you’re in a new relationship or breathing life back into an existing commitment, you can take your love to a higher plane by focusing on your spiritual ideals. An inspiring retreat or travel to a fanciful place can work wonders after the 24th.
Because Mercuiy’s retrograde business will not stop, you do have to be more careful with written documents, contracts, and important presentations. Meetings, conferences, or workshops can be useful, and if you’re involved in creative or artistic pursuits, showcasing your talents is advantageous from the 1st—20th. Re-evaluate your finances during the solar eclipse on the 21st, when you need to know where you are before deciding where to go next!
You can’t get away with excessive spending or wasting energy from the 13th—25th, so instead of getting frustrated, pull back a little and discover what you can learn in the process.

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Cancer August 2018 Horoscope
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