Cancer August 2020 Horoscope

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Brewing financial situations reach a climax. Prompted by the solar eclipse, you have a marvelous chance to realign your budget and expenditures in accordance with your changing needs.
Alternative and complementary medicine support your physical needs, and maintaining a holistic approach that incorporates body, mind, and soul adds vitality. Aim for increasing your stamina and endurance while eliminating what you no longer need.
Intimacy issues can be a problem, especially if you run into inhibitions stemming from old hurts or unrealistic fears. Even though you may want to take the next step, if you don’t trust your partner you’re not likely to budge from your position of safety. Your feelings may be changing as you examine your real values during the solar eclipse on August 11. Just before the Moon on August 26 you may consider trying something (or someone!) else.
Even though there may be a chance to move into a better position at work, there could be deception or undermining at work that leaves you feeling uncertain. Consider what you need and want before you agree, and if your intuition screams, “Wait!” early in the month, listen. Negotiations bring core issues to the surface after August 23, when you’re in a better position to find something that meets your needs.
Knowing when to stay out of the way of someone else’s squabbles will save you a lot of grief, especially from August 4 to 8 and again from August 21 to 27.

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