Cancer December 2018 Horoscope

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Dealing with conflicts may seem to require more of your time, although you’re quite good at juggling all the situations if you maintain your sense of humor. Try not to take everything personally and strive to remain objective in the face of challenge.
It’s easy to push yourself beyond your physical and emotional limits, but you’ll feel much healthier if you can reduce some of the stress.
Watch your thoughts and attitudes, since changes in those areas make a huge difference.
The tense energy from Mars and Saturn to your Sun may leave you feeling unsupported. Although it’s important to stand up for yourself, you also need to know when to just step out of the way, and those adjustments can make the difference between peace and warfare in your personal life. Look for the positive things others have to offer. Consider taking time off after the 23rd.
The Moon on the 3rd brings frustrations at work out into the open, allowing you to deal with them directly. Since Mercury is retrograding until the 11th, you may encounter problems that have occurred before, but you need a different solution now. Watch out for those who have an ax to grind, and protect yourself by making sure you’re meeting your superior’s expectations.
Don’t stir up trouble unless you’ve already got a battle plan.
By paying attention to your automatic responses and attitudes, you learn something about the ways you either defeat or support yourself. Vote for support and let go of self-defeating attitudes.

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Cancer December 2018 Horoscope
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