Cancer December 2020 Horoscope

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Joint finances are a source of tension, and they may even be at the core of disruptive actions. Maintaining emotional objectivity is not easy under these aspects, but it is a necessary quality if you are to emerge with your sense of security intact.
Surface solutions to physical distress will only frustrate you. You know that your heart and soul are as much a part of feeling well as your body. Find holistic alternatives for becoming healthy.
Sexual pressures can arise from December 1 to 15, and if you’re unhappy you may withdraw your affections. These are complex issues, and unless you’re working toward releasing old emotional traumas and developing trust in your feelings and needs, you may find it difficult to move forward with your life. To get out of this holding pattern, consider working with a gifted advisor during and after the Cancer Moon on December 22.
Achieving harmony in the workplace is a bit easier if you have something to share that’s fun for everyone from December 1 to 11.
Review productivity during the Moon on December 7, when you’re ready to let go of situations that aren’t working in favor of those that provide positive confirmation. Unexpected expenditures can wreck your budget from December 11 to 18, but make sure you’re not just yielding to impulse before you use those credit cards.
Directing your appreciation toward those who share their love, time and resources paves the way for better understanding and more productive relationships after December 16.

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