Cancer December 2019 Horoscope

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Circumstances that were unsettled last month can be re-evaluated and changed, but you may feel that you're getting the short end of the bargain. Spend time determining what you really need before getting into negotiations.

Your attitudes and emotions play a strong part in your sense of well- being.

Include a period of introspection as part of your day which will give you a chance to clear your mind and heal your soul.

Forgiveness and acceptance allow you to move forward in your relationships. You may feel more inclined to surrender, but if you're uncertain about your real feelings, give yourself a break or spend some time apart from the 1st until the Moon on the 13th.

Issues about intimacy, fears of getting close, and unresolved emotional hurts need to addressed, but you may not get a green light from your partner until the Moon on the 29th.

Joint ventures can improve your financial status, and you can feel confident negotiating agreements that benefit both partners from the 1st—6th. Mercury's retrograde from the 7th—27th prompts you to take another look, and you may want to delay a final decision on a new venture. However, existing situations can be renegotiated, and you may reach an amicable decision between the 21st—27th.

Get to the core of your feelings if you honestly want to grow. This period is like pruning an ungainly shrub —you can cut away the excess from the 14th-26th.

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