Cancer January 2018 Horoscope

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Your feelings and needs concerning partnerships are a major issue, and this is a good time to examine the give-and-take in your relationships. You may be overly sensitive to criticism, but you can also be too critical yourself, so keep that in mind!
Any chronic problems need to be addressed, and you may find some innovative approaches to dealing with these old difficulties. Avoid high-risk situations this month, since you’re a bit accident-prone.
If you’ve had a change of heart, it may be because your needs are changing. The Cancer Moon on the 12th stimulates an excellent period of inner awareness, and is a good time to talk about your needs, hopes, and desires with your partner. Old emotional wounds can be stirred up by what seems to be a repeating pattern, and this is a good time to experience a breakthrough. Concentrate on letting go of the past, and set a new course with the Moon on the 28th.
Investments need careful consideration, and it’s tempting to jump into something before you have all the facts. If someone is rushing you, take that as a clue that you need to investigate further.
Taking a stand in joint financial matters, tax audits, insurance issues, or related financial concerns works to your benefit from the 16th—26th. If you’re still not satisfied with the results, take your concerns to a higher level after the 28th.
Extracting yourself from joint ventures that have run their course, or that are no longer important or necessary, works to your benefit from the 1st—12th.

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Cancer January 2018 Horoscope
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