Cancer January 2019 Horoscope

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Unsettled energy at home can result from several factors, but regardless of the cause, you can feel an undercurrent of agitation and unrest. Interruptions seem to be the order of the day.

Tiy to avoid scattering your energy in too many directions. Stress levels can be high, but you can quickly alleviate stress by doing something you enjoy and indulging in a healing massage.

Unfulfilled expectations spell trouble unless you deal with your frustrations.

Unclear or indirect communication can be part of the problem, but you may also feel easily drawn into arguments from the 5th—20th.

Pressures from others can restrain your needs for independent action, but patience on your part from the 3rd until the Moon on the 8th can result in a more cooperative attitude.

Make time for sensual pleasures from the 21st through the Moon the 23rd.

During Mercury's retrograde through the 12th you're likely to encounter a few glitches in communication. Breakdowns and delays are more common from the 5th—17th, and it's also crucial that you be particularly attentive to the details of any agreements or important documents.

Joint ventures can be workable after the 12th, although you may have trouble defining specific powers. Decide your own capabilities before finalizing your plans.

Sign contracts on the 26th—27th. Instead of getting caught in the friction between others, stay out of situations that do not involve you from the 8th—16th.

Otherwise, you may end up with another person's burdens.

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