Cancer July 2019 Horoscope

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Even though you may have a clear idea bout your direction, others can unwittingly stand in your way. You may even bump into power issues or competition if you appear to threaten those who are uncertain of themselves.

Deal with stress from your job by taking time to let off steam. A high- powered workout may seem like a good idea, but be sure you're up to it, because you can easily push past your limits.

During the Moon in Cancer on the 4th you can easily clarify your needs and feelings. But family tensions are building, and you may have to confront a family member whose controlling attitude is counterproductive to your growth.

Even if you do not have an all-out confrontation, the battle can still be waged on an internal level. Deal with your feelings of anger, or they can escalate into trouble with everyone, including your partner, during the Moon on the 19th.

You're feeling quite competitive, and are not likely to back down if your reputation is at stake. Rumor and innuendo can block your progress on the 7th and 8th. Take a careful look at your finances from the 8th—26th, and avoid a tendency to spend excessively mid-month, since you won't like the feeling of being controlled by financial restraints later.

Sign contracts on the 27th or 28th for long-term success.

Separating yourself from situations that undermine your stability is easier, but you need to avoid rash actions on the 13th— 14th, or you'll fall flat on your face.

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