Cancer July 2018 Horoscope

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You’re ready to meet your challenges head-on, and may even initiate new directions allowing you to move ahead with greater speed. You are also experiencing greater rewards for your efforts.
Your physical energy is much stronger after the 6th, and by staying active throughout the day you can easily generate more vitality. Seek out enjoyable forms of recreation, and consider adding a little extra pampering to your life after the 21st.
The Moon on the 9th emphasizes relationships, or at least your feelings and needs in this realm. An existing relationship benefits from sharing fantasies and allowing extra time for romance. Passions are intense, and the exchange of energy with your lover can solidify your relationship from the 6th—25th. After the 18th you’re feeling more sentimental, and will enjoy indulging in your favorite entertainment or a scrumptious dinner.
Very little gets past you on the work front, and your alertness works to your benefit from the 1st— 11th, when you’re focused on quality. As a result, you may gain recognition for your efforts, and may even get a boost in position or salary after the 20th. The Moon on the 23rd begins a period in which extra attention to financial details can pay off. Investments fare quite nicely from the 26th—30th.
You’re in an excellent position to complete an important project on the 21st or 22nd, when you may also be ready to say good-bye to some old habits or end a situation that is finally over.

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Cancer July 2018 Horoscope
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