Cancer June 2018 Horoscope

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You’re making progress slowly but surely, but there’s a little behind- the-scenes work to be done before you’re ready to make well-defined changes. This is the time to define your plans and gather your forces.
With Mars transiting through your solar Twelfth House, you need extra time for rejuvenation. Overextending yourself physically, emotionally, or mentally is very easy, since your energy reserves may be low. Take ample breaks and consider a much-needed vacation.
You may have secret fantasies about a friend or acquaintance, but before sharing your feelings, tiy to get a clear reading about their situation. You may simply be infatuated with the possibilities because you need an escape! An existing relationship can be stressful, but advice from a friend helps. Consider traveling with your sweetie after the 15th, or take the time for a romantic rendez-vous.
Undercurrents of frustration with your everyday work experience can percolate to the surface early in the month, giving you a chance to clear the air and eliminate some unreasonable situations. If you fail to address the problems, they can escalate during the Moon on the 9th. Communication improves after the 16th and you may even have a chance to launch a new project or idea after the 22nd. But first, you have to make sure it’s what you want.
If you’re ready to move on it, launch your pet project or showcase your talents during the Moon in Cancer on the 23rd. The following week is also auspicious for prosperity and love.

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Cancer June 2018 Horoscope
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