Cancer June 2019 Horoscope

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Your self-esteem improves, and you may feel much more confident about sharing your ideas and asserting your point of view. Allow time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Even if you're committed to a program of fitness, you may still need to adjust your attitudes about your physical self. Now is a good time to accept yourself as you are.

With Venus transiting in your sign you may feel more attractive, and can find it easier to be open with your feelings and needs. You'll run into trouble if you're the victim of another's unrealistic expectations, so strive for honesty. You can be just as easily loved if you're off that pedestal.

Family pressures can conflict with your personal needs after the 21st, so try to be clear about your priorities. And watch flirtations from the 26th—29th, when you can get in over your head. Meetings, conferences or business travel can be lucrative from the 1st-8th, and again after the 24th. Be particularly careful in matters regarding taxes, debt or inheritance from the 10th—13th, since you may be in the midst of a power play.

You'll reach a resolution only after careful consideration of the facts. Attend to any turmoil on the job during the Moon on the 20th, and try to stay out of issues that do not affect you. By taking a practical approach to problems arising from the 1st—18th you'll reach a solution that fits your long-range plans.

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