Cancer March 2020 Horoscope

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Ready for the challenge of advancing your career, this is your time to broaden horizons and set plans in motion that will help satisfy your ambitions. Let your originality work to your advantage if you want to shine.
Activities like dance, tai chi, chi gung, hatha yoga, or martial arts — centered on a philosophy of integration and focus—are excellent avenues for strengthening your mind, body, and spirit.
Your love life takes a positive turn during the Moon on March 1 and 2, when a romantic rendezvous provides the perfect situation to express your feelings. Shared spiritual ideals lead to intimacy after the Moon on March 17. Watch out for mixed signals from March 18 to 30; clarify if you feel confused, or if you sense that someone misunderstands you. The Moon on March 31 challenges you to find a balance be-tween home and career.
With Venus and Jupiter transiting through your career sector, you’re drawing positive attention for your efforts and may even win over some of your competitors.
Professional alliances offer solid support after March 19, but deception — accidental or intentional — can be a problem from March 18 to 22. Because Mercury is retrograding from March 10 to April 2, it’s a good idea to review details and investigate questions — but postpone final decisions.
Publishing, travel, and cultural exchange offer a chance to broaden your horizons. This is also a good time to work on a research paper or to improve or revise documents.

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