Cancer March 2018 Horoscope

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Your career takes top priority, and your drive to accomplish your aims can be quite strong. It’s easy to adopt an excessively competitive attitude that can alienate some of your most stalwart supporters, so take care with your actions, since they have long-lasting effects.
High tension at work can drain your physical vitality, and it’s easy to allow it to build instead of releasing your stress. To avoid burnout, allow ample time-out periods, since those breaks in your schedule may help retain your effectiveness.
Family turmoil can erupt, particularly if there are struggles for influence or dominating attitudes. Strive to accomplish understanding, but realize that your philosophical ideals may differ from those of others in your family. Clarify your values during the lunar eclipse on the 12th. You may also resist making changes after the 22nd, when you’re likely to balk if the suggested alterations are not your own idea.
Although your ideas about getting ahead may seem OK on the surface, be honest with yourself about your underlying motives. Present your ideas, network at conferences, or send important communications from the 1st—8th. Watch for your own conservative attitudes to emerge after the Moon on the 27th. On the financial front, joint resources show promise from the 5th—17th, and an associate from the past proves worthwhile after the 25th.
Make initial contacts of importance before Mercury enters its retrograde cycle on the 27th. Unless you can tie your actions or ideas to a practical base, your success will be limited.

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Cancer March 2018 Horoscope
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