Cancer March 2019 Horoscope

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Although your eyes are on the future, your heart may be stuck in the past. Honor your feelings, but give yourself a chance to open your life to new horizons.

Increase your energy through activities that take you into natural surroundings. Your body and soul can both benefit from the beauty of nature's awakening.

Love's in bloom, and sharing dreams with your sweetheart can strengthen the core of your relationship during the solar eclipse on the 8th. Your yearning to strengthen your spiritual center can initiate strong changes in the way you approach meeting your emotional needs. Family issues can loom large during the lunar eclipse on the 23rd unless you make an effort to diffuse problems. Support during a crisis involves learning to ask for help when you need it, too.

Travel, educational pursuits, writing, and publishing can play a part in your career advancement. You may feel quite eager to learn, or may want to focus on improving your skills. In either case, it's time to create a bag of tricks that gives you more flexibility and marketability.

Conservative attitudes at work or on the political front after the 21st can add tension and may inhibit your progress unless you're prepared for it. Honor your ethical standards.

An open mind and flexible posture on important issues gives you a stronger ability to influence the changes you desire in both your career and personal life.

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