Cancer November 2019 Horoscope

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You may feel that you never have time for yourself, since everyone seems to have plans for your time. Juggling your responsibilities can try your patience.

Enlist the help of others to keep things balanced.

To avoid exhausting your energy, find some good stress-busters. Stretching exercises, massage therapy and meditation can help you stay centered in the midst of a busy period.

Conflicts with your partner can escalate, and you need to address your concerns and needs honestly and directly. Scapegoating will not work from either of you.

Get in touch with the love you feel during the Moon on the 14th, but be aware that you may tend to be extra sensitive to another's criticism until the end of the month. Explore the reasons you're feeling vulnerable or unloved. Then, bring healing into your life by remembering that you love yourself.

Interactions in the work place improve after the 9th.

However, you may be asked to take on responsibilities that you feel belong to someone else after the 16th. Set a limit regarding the amount of time or en- ergy you are willing to expend, and bargain for what you can gain in the process. New developments on the 29th are stimulated by the Moon, but you still may not be satisfied with the outcome.

Be attentive to control issues, and find a way to step out of the position of controller when others honestly need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

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