Cancer October 2018 Horoscope

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Extra attention on the home front can extend from redecorating to dealing with family issues. Your needs and feelings about your place of comfort and family connections are a high priority.
This is a great time to take walks, jog, or bicycle around your neighborhood or park, since you might want to stay close to home while remaining active. If you’re traveling, even on business, try to maintain your fitness schedule in order to keep your energy strong.
Your needs for emotional honesty may conflict with others’ expectations, particularly during the Moon on the 5th, when it’s difficult to get beyond all those old emotionally charged situations associated with parents and family. Try an approach to family that allows your creativity and tenderness to flow more easily. Romance takes high priority after the Moon on the 20th, when love blossoms and your heart is ready to sing.
Watch your expenditures this month, since it’s easy to start projects, even those at home, which quickly become more costly than you had anticipated. Careful attention to finances is absolutely necessary from the 18th—25th, when speculative ventures should also be curtailed. To further your career, find new ways to use your talents, and look for a creative project to provide a boost of energy after the 25th.
Extra energy applied to communication stirs interest after the 8th, but can also cause trouble if you’re not careful with your words or ideas. Watch reactions to help you gauge your progress.

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Cancer October 2018 Horoscope
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