Flirting with Cancer

Born under the Star Sign of Cancer, you’re the coyest flirt in the Zodiac! If you’re typical of your Sun Sign, yours is a passive rather than an active flirting style. In fact there’s no real need for you ever to venture out of your shell in order to lure your prey. All you have to do is flutter your eyelashes, smile shyly and give off lots of seductive vibes.

Once they’ve made the first move though, you’re quick to follow up – with a few kind words perhaps, or an offer of help. Your trump card is your unique ability to empathize with others’ feelings and give them the sense you really care. Few can resist these subtle tactics and before they know it, they’re well and truly hooked.

Your flirting style is both alluring and nurturing. Often a bit shy, your magnetism stems from your emotional depth and empathy, which show in your eyes: The direct look, followed by looking away and then back again, with a small, knowing smile, make you irresistible. That, and your talent for listening, which connects you with others on an emotional level. Surprisingly, your alter ego is the comedian, so you may find yourself entertaining your admirers.

Your flirting style is very captivating on one hand and very nurturing on the other. You’re genuinely interested in having people tell you about their horrible breakup or how crappy their day was. You aren’t trying to flirt per se, but it makes you kind of irresistible as you connect with others on a very emotional level. If you want to turn your bitch session into more of a sex session, look to Leo, Pisces or Capricorn. But let’s be honest, you’re not really that interested in a booty call. You want a life-long partner. You’ll be more likely to find it with a Taurus, Virgo or Pisces.

Flirting with Cancer Love

In one sense, this is quite an easy challenge - in another sense, it might be a difficult one! When flirting with a fellow Cancer, at least you’re on familiar ground. Because you’re both switched on at an emotional level, you’ll be respectful of each others’ feelings - and the good news is you’re unlikely to mess each other around.

Bear in mind, though, that both being such sensitive creatures also has its disadvantages. A double dose of shyness and inertia means you both find it hard to makes the first move, however much you’re attracted to each other. Your worst tactic with another Crab is to play it a little too coy and low-key. Your best tactic is to create a strong sense of connection by proving how much you are alike.

Grab their interest by pointing out anything you’ve noticed that the two of you have in common. Maybe focus on any similarities in your homes or family backgrounds (these things are important to Cancerians).

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Flirting with Cancer
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