Cancer Baby

In infancy, Cancer cries so much that it causes parents anxiety. But in moments when he is in a good mood, he gives the surrounding people a charming smile and a touching babble. Emotions literally overwhelm little Cancer: he is so much afraid of someone else’s face that he will cry for a long time and can not sleep peacefully, or, after seeing a beautiful new toy, literally suffocating in cheerful emotions, jumping on the hands of an adult, which also often leads to tears and uneasy Sleep... All new parents should bring Cancer to life gradually, in small doses, because his emotions are so strong that they can disturb the rest and sleep of the baby. If the Cancer baby does not want to be taken by someone else’s hands — do not do it by force, because eventually the parents will deal with hysteria, which the kid will surely roll.

During the study of the world, a small Cancer tries everything on taste and smell, it is very important for him to touch everything with his hands, hold in his hands, stroke, feel. Tactile feelings in contact with parents are also very important for the baby, because this is the guarantor of his self-confidence, courage, security. Encouraging the baby to take the first steps or walk on the grass, parents should not only talk gently to him, but also stroke over the head, pens, back so that the baby receives tactile signals from adults "I’m with you!" And was no longer afraid. Baby Cancer may later start walking, than other children, it is connected with the same uncertainty before what awaits it ahead, but parents do not need to force events — their too energetic actions will only frighten little Cancer and long will push his desire to walk.

Little Cancer is very fond of water, he is ready for hours not to get out of the bath or the pelvis with water — this is his native element, in which he feels confident and comfortable. Correctly will those parents who from a small age with Cancer will visit the swimming pool, delivering him immeasurable pleasure.

Excessive criticism of parents is dangerous in that he will bring up in Cancer only capriciousness and intolerance. With the beginning of schooling, it is necessary to try to organize the educational process so that the child always feels the support of the parents so that his activity is not monotonous. For the baby, the regime is very important, his emotions need rest, and therefore a daytime sleep for the baby is simply necessary even when he went to school. With the Cancer baby you need to talk as much as possible, listen to his opinion. Calm conversation allows the child to calm down when he experiences excitement, develop speech and imagination. And, of course, parents should not forget tactile contact with their child, and smack on the cheek more often.

Cancer is quite conservative, he likes to collect things in his room, and does not agree to part with even frank garbage. The passion for collecting and accumulating in Cancer arises from early childhood, and this, to some extent, is not bad. But the parents must still convince the little Cancer that it’s just necessary to part with unnecessary things, because dragging the old things and relationships in life is unpleasant and stupid. Having taught Cancer to get rid of unnecessary things in his life, parents will teach him that parting with something or someone, the loss of something, is not the end of the world, but just a stage of life that can be experienced safely.

Cancer Boys

They always remain softhearted, even when they try to hide under a hard shell. In early childhood, it is important to allow such a boy to come to terms with his sensitivity. Assurances that kindness, compassion and the desire to be useful are valued in your family, will help him to express his feelings more easily, and not hide them under a sullen mask.

Cancer boys are especially close to mothers. Even if you do not want to be accompanied by a five-year-old boy everywhere, this solid foundation of intimacy in childhood is a wonderful preparation for adult relationships with women. In essence, Cancers boys really enjoy family life, love their home and coziness - so much so that your son’s children will flood you, who constantly receive invitations to the Holy of Holies of Cancer!

Cancers boys are not at all rascals, unless they learn to completely deny their own vulnerability and hide sympathy for others. Cancer seeks to protect, rather than start conflicts, it lacks the aggressiveness and pressure dominating in the signs of fire. Without engaging in battle, he bears in himself a kind of wise peace, knowing how cruelly to tear off wings of butterflies. But this does not mean that he is invariably serene. Cancer can be gloomy and gloomy when his mood changes, but will try to restrain himself so as not to hurt you.

Cancer Girls

Cancer girls are attached to their mothers with all their heart — the way they become attached to their own family, becoming mothers. But do not panic! Instead of becoming a mother at the age of twelve, the Cancer girl will find a brother, sister or girlfriend who will need her tender care and love. It can protect insecure or vulnerable people and take them under their small wing before they themselves learn to fly. These babies arrange tea parties for their dolls and bears and every night they are laid in bed.

Cancers are very susceptible to a domestic atmosphere. They catch underwater currents and hear unspoken words. Therefore, if your daughter, born under the sign of Cancer, has a stomach ache every time your mother-in-law visits, it means she simply reacts to the tension that is felt between you. You will eventually find that the little girl is closely watching you, not noticing anything around. To mothers of girls born under the sign of Cancer, it is especially important to encourage daughters to separate their own feelings from the emotions of surrounding people and listen to themselves.

Cancer girls need the confidence and protection of those they love, encouraging them to fight fears and understandings when they feel vulnerable. They are easily lost, because they react to events more emotionally than logically. Consequently, any problem seems enormous, and therefore it is necessary to find out its true scale. It is necessary to help the Cancer girl understand that in many ways her unique gift of sensitivity is to blame, and to teach her to look life straight in the eyes!

Advice for parents of the Cancer-childs

The main thing to remember about when raising such a child is his heightened sensitivity, vulnerability. Even adults of this sign can not always save themselves from external influence, and Cancers-children — even more so. They should in no case be intimidated, too rude to invade their personal space, it is necessary to protect their inner world. They will definitely have their secrets, and they need to be respected.

If Cancer-child does not like someone, do not force him to communicate with this person without special need. Such children need to be given more responsible assignments more often, so that they become more independent. Cancers do not feel the time very well, can hardly adjust to the desired regime, tighten the fulfillment of instructions, and if this is not combated, then such a trait will forever take root in their character.

Scold, punish Cancers are contraindicated, and unnecessarily — they are quite enough that they feel the grief of their parents. Those they love, they try not to upset. If a child feels the warmth coming from adults, he will be complaisant and balanced. It is enough to sincerely love a son or daughter born under this sign of the Zodiac, to see in them more good than bad — and then from them you can achieve everything you want. Such children like holidays, all kinds of surprises, they believe in Santa Claus for a long time, and parents should support this romanticism and belief in miracles.

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