Cancer Girls

Parents are always concerned about the fate of their baby. Why wait for fathers and mothers from the prediction of the stars, when the child is a cancer girl? Mom, whose daughter was born under the sign of the Zodiac Cancer often worry — too little girls are attached to them. On the one hand, this is good, on the other — it is alarming so full return and the desire to be a mother. However, the fears of an early pregnancy can be put aside — the Cancer girl will prefer not to worry about her own offspring, but about her brother, sister or beloved friend, finding objects that need her love.

Cancer Girl Personality

Despite her young age, a girl whose sign of the zodiac Cancer is ready to protect and warm her own wing of all the suffering and unconvinced people, even though she herself must first learn how to fly. Playing dolls for babies is an important ceremony, accompanied by obligatory tea-drinking, putting in a crib and reading fairy tales for a dream to come.

Even small Cancer girls are sensitively perceived all the subtleties of the home atmosphere, often they do not need words pronounced out loud. If your baby is constantly head or tummy, when a "beloved" mother-in-law is visiting, it is not at all necessary that the cause is a cold or overeating. Simply the child sensitively feels the arising tension.

The main characteristic of the sign Cancer for the girl — heightened emotionality and sensitivity, the perception of others’ emotions as their own. The main thing that it is necessary to teach such a child is the ability to separate personal feelings from strangers, attentively listening to oneself. It can not be said that the little ones whose sign of the Zodiac are Cancer are not sure of themselves, however, they badly need the understanding and support of those they care for, especially in situations where they themselves are most vulnerable. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are fairly easily lost, the reason for which is an unnecessarily emotional reaction to events to the detriment of logic. Often even insignificant problems can appear to them unsolvable, therefore it will not hurt to teach the crumb to really assess the scale of troubles.

Cancer Childhood

Small Cancers are similar to barometers — they react absolutely to everything, whether it’s too loud, incorrect intonation or alarming sounds. For a microscopic period, crumbs are ready to move from serene tranquility to real hysteria. This sign of the zodiac perceives with hostility what he does not like, he is unnecessarily sensitive, it is easy to wound him. The trifles of life, meaningless for the rest of the children, are perceived as almost the main events of life.

For a kindergarten, such a child is not created, in any case, he will go there without any hunt. The trust of the little ones who were born under this sign of the Zodiac still needs to be earned, until this moment they will wait for a trick every second, reluctantly and with reluctance to communicate with others. Silence of the little girl-Cancer does not mean at all that everything is in order, just deeply experiencing the situation, its feelings this sign of the Zodiac habitually holds in itself. Even accustomed to peers, the crumb may not seek their society and not try to take part in common fun. Quite calm Cancer is able to stay in a quiet corner and selflessly play with the doll, introducing the family.

Cancer Schoolgirl

Representatives of the sign by the nature of their humanities, therefore at school they are especially well given subjects from the given area. But the physical culture of the girl, whose sign of the Zodiac Cancer can not stand. The child is not too active, in addition, the health leaves much to be desired - because of the often developing diseases, he is forced to miss lessons, and catching up is not too successful. In such cases, assistance from parents and teachers will not be superfluous.

Even in the senior classes, representatives of the sign are often ready to cry, because there are enough reasons, and the level of receptivity and sentimentality they always have on top. The surrounding world is presented to the child-schoolboy as unfriendly and full of aggression, the emotional storm in the soul of Cancer is capable of causing both negligent remarks of classmates and a teacher’s shout.

A child born under this constellation is not dependent and often acts in accordance with the opinion of close people. The entrepreneurial vein in Cancer is absent, and there is not enough resolve. Any action he takes requires praise, if the expected reaction is not there, the time of suffering is coming. At school, the Cancer child is not able to fit into the team, social events are often ignored only because the individual invitation to participate in something has not arrived. However, the affairs of the class do not bother him much, except that the cohesive team managed to place Cancer to himself, and he perceives the school community as his own big family.

Cancer Girl’s Youth

The child of this sign grows quieter, and accordingly the working atmosphere needs him peaceful and calm — only in this case he will be able to work productively, without getting sick and not feeling insecure. Given this peculiarity of character, one can hardly be surprised that the representatives of the sign often change their places of work in search of a collective with whom they can coexist. Cancer requires a profession that will show its sensitivity and reveal the wealth of the inner world. Psychologists, they are excellent, because they can work in a hospital, a sanatorium; If representatives of the sign have an interest in historical events, they will turn out wonderful archaeologists, museum workers or archivists.

Physical culture Cancers do not favor, but if they choose sports as their main occupation, they give preference to everything connected with water. With creativity of problems also does not arise — the thin sincere organization and rich imagination are capable to make from the representative of a sign of fine the writer or the poet, the musician or the artist. At the same time Cancer is not indifferent to material goods, so that it can give preference to the sphere of finance. With no less success, Cancers can take care of smaller brothers as veterinarians or zoo attendants.

Cancer Zodiac