Dog Cancer

In the animal kingdom, the Dog Cancer is often seen as a strong and potentially dangerous creature that can be very protective of those close to them. Why is it then, that so many people choose the Dog Cancer as a pet? As it is with the animal, those born under the sign of the Dog Cancer can be mercurial, defensive, and hard to read from a distance, but those close to them know that few people are as loyal, kind-hearted, and family-oriented as the Dog Cancer. This can be a challenging sign to get to know well, as they rarely let those they don’t know well get too close. They aren’t outwardly aggressive, but more defensive by nature. A Dog Cancer will fight to the death to defend its friends and family with relentless vigor. They believe strongly in justice and fairness and do not hesitate to step in when a situation is out of balance.

Dog Cancers are mostly serious by nature and tend to keep to themselves. Inside they are highly emotional and have trouble finding balance and peace in their lives. They are constantly on guard, trying to protect their surprisingly fragile emotions as well as the honor of their friends and family. Members of this sign can be so tormented by their inner turmoil that they can become painfully self-absorbed. They they don’t often show it on the outside, they live in an internal sea of confusion and uncertainty, and are almost never completely relaxed.

Dog Cancer Traits

This combination endows your personality with contradictions which are extremely difficult to assume. The situation is all the more painfully felt by you since your childhood was full of events that were brusque or marked with certain lack of affection. Frustration is probably at the root of all your actions and reactions which by this fact are difficult to foresee. You’re a type who, on one hand, requires the presence of a responsible, protecting person in your life, and who, on the other hand, willingly takes shattering initiatives in daily life and shows authority. You’ve a tendency to overdo things, all the while complaining, probably with a view to making those around you feel guilty. Sometimes, you react by your regressive side, which plunges you into sleep, laziness, infantilism, or gourmandise.

Although having good contacts in your social life, you can succeed only late on the professional and material plane, and this thanks to your perseverance and seriousness. You can reach a top position in the civil service, industry, or commerce. But one would advise you against artistic or judicial jobs. In love, you’ve difficulties giving yourself up. You tend to suffer from a lack of affection or to feel misunderstood. But when you attach yourself, it’s very profoundly. You have an interest in making your life with someone more mature or very comprehensive.

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