Dragon Cancer

Driven, persevering, and self-sufficient, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Dragon Cancer are powerful creators of their own destiny. Not lacking in self-assurance, this is a sign that gets what it wants regardless of the obstacles in its way. This is a sign of curious extremes, yet those extremes are often balanced out between the two signs (Cancer and Dragon) that make up the Dragon Cancer. They are powerful on the outside, but fragile on the inside, self-assured yet full of doubt, highly independent yet driven by a need to be loved and respected. Members of this sign tend to spend most of their time right in the middle of these extremes, living what may seem on the outside to be a fairly average life.

The one thing that the two sides of a Dragon Cancer do not conflict on, though, is being irritable. They might not show it, but you can bet that every Dragon Cancer you know gets easily irritated by things they find foolish, unjust, or just plain incorrect. This is because at their core those born under this sign are idealists. They have strong opinions on how the world should be to the point of being able to clearly envision how much better the world would be if they were in charge.

Dragon Cancers are typically able to maintain a positive attitude, but they can fall quickly into moods. In truth they are highly temperamental, but they try to avoid showing it. They know that a bad attitude wears poorly so instead they mask their moods just enough so that no one can accuse them of being cranky. At the same time they can’t help but spit out passive-aggressive quips as warning signs so that everyone knows how they feel. Like their animal namesake, Dragon Cancers won’t go on the offensive unless it’s necessary, and prefer to have those not in their inner circles to keep a reasonable distance.

What Dragon Cancers really want most is to be influential. Part of this is in order to get what they want and the other part is to get respect as an influential figure. Like their moodiness, they won’t come straight out and tell you what they want, though. Instead they will try to subtly sway you toward their ideas. If this technique fails they will slowly increase passive-aggressive arguments to the point where their goal is obvious. In truth, Dragon Cancers can be rather inflexible when they are certain that their idea is better.

Dragon Cancer Traits

You put your great Cancerian imagination at the service of your Dragonian mythomania. This can sometimes give happy results; but more often you run the risk of spending your time believing in a marvelous near future, which is always postponed. You imagine yourself to be a prestigious person, you want yourself to be admirable, but reality is rarely up to your aspirations. You’re very idealistic, magnanimous, and helpful. But you also have a great need of consideration and honors. You look for strong beings who will reproach you for your lack of maturity but who won’t decide to abandon you. You’ve a taste for luxury and beauty, notably feminine beauty.

You easily attract chance in the professional domain. Your excellent financial flair helps you to succeed and to install a beautiful fortune. You’re very much gifted for the arts, show business, and all that puts you in relation with the wide public. You’ll not stay a long time in a subordinate situation for you know how to secure necessary supports so as to climb the echelons rapidly. For you, status and social radiance are as important as sentiment. It’s why you look for love affairs of which you can be proud. When you’ve founded a home, your attachment to your family and children proves to be profound and indestructible, and no one can doubt your loyalty.

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