Goat Cancer

Those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Goat Cancer are kind, caring, and generous, but also hide a deeper emotional side that they don’t bring out often. Members of this sign are more concerned with making others feel comfortable than being comfortable themselves. They are concerned about their appearance and how others view them, but they try not to show it. Goat Cancers are great with children and animals and tend to believe that whatever they give to the world they will get back.

There is a darker side to the Goat Cancer, though. If you were able to look deep inside them (which they would never let you do) you would find that beneath their kind and tempered exterior is a fragile, emotional artist. Because they don’t like to share their feelings all that much, you might never know this about a Goat Cancer, even one that is close to you. All members of this sign have an artistic talent and a need to express themselves. Surprisingly though, you won’t find a lot of Goat Cancers as professional artists - they like to keep this secret for themselves and often only express their artistic side when they are alone.

Goat Cancer Traits

You’ve a very soft heart — you’re always ready to dream, to get stirred up, especially when you’re in love. Everything takes place in you at the psychic and imaginative level. You often lack willpower and realism. You’re lovable, tolerant, generous, and sensitive. But one would like to see you react with less susceptibility and behave in a less capricious, less childish way. No one is more romantic than you are. The male natives of this combination are attracted by the universe of women because they feel perfectly at ease there and because they please them enormously. As for the female natives, they are full of mystery and always in discrepancy with reality.

You constantly need to see yourself encouraged and supported for you often feel at a loss before the difficulties of existence. Courage is decidedly not your strong point. You like to let yourself live without making great efforts, by counting on chance and protections. You generally fare pretty well for chance regularly appears in your life and the sympathies which you inspire attract supports, favors, and advantages to you. Your sentiments, once awakened, are profound and durable despite your somewhat secret appearance. A stable union and children seem to be the indispensable conditions of your sentimental happiness.

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