Horse Cancer

In the animal kingdom, a hermit crab constantly moves from shell to shell as it grows larger. Similarly, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Hermit Crab regularly move between homes, jobs, and relationships. In their minds, Horse Cancer believe they will finally settle down and feel comfortable once they find the perfect fit, yet the more they search the more unsettled they feel.

Horse Cancer don’t desire to become rich and famous, instead they desire true love and adventure. This is a highly contradictory sign whose thoughts often don’t even make sense to themselves. Members of this sign have a hard time accepting things as they are, and though they talk a lot about how they are going to make things better, they often just move on instead. This sign lacks true confidence and has a tendency to put on a false front, hoping that others won’t realize how uncertain they are about themselves and the direction of their lives. Sometimes this mask takes the form of bravado and a “who cares” attitude.

Horse Cancer like to pretend that they don’t care about much, as if caring were a sign of weakness, but in reality long for love and acceptance. They want to feel like they belong, but deep down they are also independent spirits who want their lives to be adventurous and meaningful. Emotional swings are not uncommon, nor is seeking the help of a therapist. Members of this sign need to learn how to accept life as it is and not try to control everything if they want to find balance and happiness in their lives.

Horse Cancer Traits

You’re a type who’s gentle, sympathetic, affectionate, and who knows how to make himself/herself loved. But these good traits are not innate — it’s you who’ve forged them since your earliest years. Indeed, your childhood is often marked with painful events; but these ordeals, instead of rendering you revolted or bitter, strengthen your desire to understand, protect, save others from the sufferings that haven’t been spared you. You possess a solid appetite for living in the innermost part of yourself. But your multiples painful experiences may bring you moments of melancholia and discouragement.

Chance and the unexpected considerably help you in the material domain. But in spite of this your situation generally remains mediocre a long time, unless heritages come to improve it. You conform to discipline with difficulty and don’t bear monotony in work. All that’s related to movement, travels, or sport suits you well. Having a keen interest in childhood and its problems, you’re all at the same time an affectionate, tender parent and a good educator. Fantasy will never be excluded from your home. You tend to engage yourself lightly, which can complicate your affective and amorous life. Your real happiness would be to found a large family.

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