Monkey Cancer

This is one of the most contradictory signs in the Primal Zodiac. Those born under the sign of Monkey Cancer represent themselves as fun, carefree, smart, and caring, and while they do indeed share these traits they also mask a dark side full of arrogance, self-doubt, and judgment for others. They truly do not have bad intentions, but members of this sign tend to be emotionally immature, and prefer to live in a fantasy world rather than share their true thoughts and feelings.

Monkey Cancers are very smart and intuitive. They are truly capable of doing anything, and each one has its own unique set of skills that, when focused, can take them far. Too often though this sign has a tendency toward depression and negative thinking and entertains himself or herself by ridiculing the stupidity of the general population. They don’t consider this rude, though, because they truly are more intelligent than most people. They are also very creative and surprisingly artistic. Despite all this they are truly insecure and have fragile egos. Monkey Cancers may have a light-hearted exterior but inside they are afraid of being rejected by those they care about, so they prefer not to care about anyone or anything too strongly.

They are skilled manipulators when they want to be, and can revert to temper tantrums if they don’t get their way. They truly are moody individuals which can be both good and bad, depending on the mood. They have a great deal of affection for family and close friends, but hate to apologize when they offend others which can make them appear callous and arrogant. Monkey Cancers absolutely hate being wrong, and often lose their cool at seemingly innocuous times.

Monkey Cancer Traits

Your comportment is generally incoherent if you don’t succeed in solving a major part of your inherent contradictions. You can’t bear constraints, and yet you need to be supervised. You would want to be independent, but you prove to be indecisive. One would like to see you with stronger willpower. You’ve difficulty emerging from childhood for you remain credulous and naive a long time. Only age can help you grow more solid. Human, familial, or friendly relationships hold great importance in the evolution of your destiny; as for marriage, it can be a powerful stimulant.

In work, you let yourself easily engage in ill-prepared or unclear affairs, thus running the risk of undergoing setbacks or paying for someone else. Your intuitions can prove to be profitable, but it’s necessary to draw a definite line between reality and illusions. Friendship plays a more important role than love in your affective life. Your illusions can arouse violent sentimental swirls within you or plunge you into incredible situations. Basically, what you look for in your partner is a mother’s affection and a friend’s understanding. In this respect, you’re of course more often disappointed than satisfied!

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