Ox Cancer

Though primarily solitary and even-keeled, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Ox Cancer can be seriously dangerous if crossed. Like their animal namesake they are powerful and territorial creatures, though they have little desire to be part of any confrontation. They will, however, defend their territory fearlessly and relentlessly if provoked. Despite this, Ox Cancers are actually quite well natured most of the time, and are willing to work hard to finish whatever job needs done. They are also giving by nature, except when they feel that they may be in danger of losing stability in their own lives. Ox Cancers know that they can’t possibly help others if their own lives are unstable.

Ox Cancers don’t like to show their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have strong feelings about a great many things. One of their more challenging personality traits is their need to be in control of every situation that affects them. Unlike some other signs, they don’t need to be in control of others, just themselves. Ox Cancers know that they are hard working and capable, so they resent being supervised or managed by others who are usually less hard working and less capable than they are. They are more than willing to manage their own stability, and feel off balance if they can’t control the direction of their daily lives.

Ox Cancer Traits

One finds you very easy to live with - you’ve much gentleness, an accommodating character, and good will in daily life. You’re also merry and obliging. You may sometimes happen to be in the clouds, a little muddleheaded, but you succeed in making yourself forgiven everything. You’re very much attached to family and traditions and don’t bear that those whom you love be harmed. Having much affective memory, you’re gifted for bringing joy and good humor to those around you.

Your destiny is often dominated by hazard and marked with dramatic turns of events, but you generally succeed in preserving your comfortable and cozy situation — for it should not be forgotten that chance never moves too far away from you, especially if you’re a woman.

Loving beautiful things, you can do well in an artistic career or antiques. You’re gifted for music and literature. With your love of good living, all that’s related to food can also bring you financial gains. And with your saving penchant and your need to accumulate possessions, you’ve the possibility to give yourself a beautiful fortune.

Sentimental, passionate, sensual, you love love and can’t do without it. But your actual happiness can find itself only within the framework of stability, in a home which is united and full of children. You must beware of certain tendency to affective blackmail.

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