Pig Cancer

The life of a person born under the sign of Pig Cancer can be complex and emotional - but only on the inside. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign rarely show the chaos that goes on in their minds to anyone other than their closest, most trusted friends. That’s not to say that a Pig Cancer’s life is chaotic. In fact, most people born under this sign are highly organized and are the first to volunteer their help for a friend or family member’s project. They want others to see them as bright and capable, which they in fact are, but they also have a great deal of self-doubt that shows up through a polite quietness.

Pig Cancers may be soft on the inside, but they cover their fragility up with a hard exterior. This isn’t the type of tough and spirited shell that some others signs hide behind, but rather a gentleness that suggests that nothing could possibly bother them. Sometimes people mistake this quality for thinking that they don’t care, but in fact few people care more about those close to them than the Pig Cancer. This is a creative and indulgent sign that can be hard to get to know at first. They can be contradictory at times, as what’s going on inside their hearts and minds doesn’t always match the image that they show others. Those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Pig Cancer will have to learn to come out of their shells and allow others to see their imperfections if they want to find peace and serenity in life.

Pig Cancer Traits

Your personality is all of charm and pleasing. Having also much gentleness and obligingness, you immediately put at ease those whom you meet. One always feels well in your company. You love telling funny stories and do it perfectly, helped in this by your unlimited imagination and your clownish side. You’ve the gift for marveling at things, even in your old age, which helps you preserve your childlike freshness a very long time. You love disguise and all that can feed your reverie. Your attachment to traditions, rituals, and ceremonies is very strong. You adore children. You like comfort, luxury, and hate making efforts.

On the material plane, you’re inclined to wait for things to be going to just fall into your lap. Nonchalant and rather lazy, you look for facility as far as possible. You can pursue an artistic career. You excel in all that’s related to imagination or that can put you in contact with the wide public. It’s through familial relationships or real estate that you can make the best material gains.

You’ve a skin-deep sentimentality which renders you uncertain and capricious in love. You generally get married rather late because of your great difficulty breaking away from family ties. It’s in a successful home life and with your children that you can find your affective stability and your real happiness.

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