Rabbit Cancer

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Rabbit Cancer often hide within their own shell, coming out only when they feel safe. This is a quiet, reserved sign, at least on the outside. Rabbit Cancers care for their friends and family with great intensity. They are usually well put-together and organized and are far more capable than most people give them credit for.

Members of this sign desire to live a simple and happy life. They don’t need fame and fortune to be happy, they just need to be close to friends and family and maybe have some nice things as well. Rabbit Cancers like to dress well and keep their homes nice and neat. This is where they spend most of their money, considering having a nice home and nice clothes the height of their ambitions.

Rabbit Cancers aren’t without their complexities, though. Because of their reserved nature they can be hard to get to know. They are often hide a secret artistic talent, even from their own families. That’s because Rabbit Cancers are very sensitive. They don’t want to be judged by others, let alone subject their innermost expressions to such judgment. Members of this sign don’t like to show their emotions, though they are also not great at hiding them.

Rabbit Cancer Traits

In you, the element Rabbit brings to Cancerian imagination more realism, more practical sense, logic, and method. You don’t need to be closely supervised so as to manage your affairs well. But, on the other hand, you’ll have to struggle a long time against your paralyzing shyness and inhibitions, which are susceptible of harming you in a way or another. You always run the risk of withdrawing into yourself, of restricting your horizon dangerously, if you don’t make a constant effort at opening. You often have a feeling of guilt when things are getting on well for you. You then feel the need to justify yourself by some altruistic activity. In any case, you devote yourself very much to your friends.

Not too ambitious careerwise, you’ll look more for security and calm than for great success, which can somewhat push you into the background. You’ll make regular gains in commerce or the civil service. Gifted for meticulous and precise works, you’re made more for routine work than for taking independent initiatives. One finds in you a valuable auxiliary or a person of confidence. Heartwise, you need more tenderness and security than passion. When you enter a union, you become a model partner, who only aspires to the happiness of a peaceful home. An excellent educator, you’re ready to do everything for your offspring.

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