Rat Cancer

In the animal kingdom, Rat Cancers have a surprisingly hard exterior. This heavy armor both protects them from danger and weighs them down. These sea creatures end up spending a great deal of time and energy anchoring themselves to the sea floor to avoid being swept away by passing tides and currents. Similarly, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Rat Cancer will always choose survival first, even if it slows them down from getting where they want to go.

Rat Cancers are unique individuals. From the outside they can be a bit hard to understand. Often the exterior you see will not match the person inside. Usually portraying a tough but charming persona, Rat Cancers are often internally insecure. As much armor as they put up, they still need love and encouragement from others, but they think it makes them look weak to admit it. In fact, members of this sign rarely ever talk about themselves or share their troubles, yet they are among the best at listening and giving good advice. Such seeming contradictions are part of the intrigue and mystery of this powerful sign.

It is very important for Rat Cancers to think of themselves as self-reliant, which they are, but they also need to admit when they need help, which they won’t do. Instead, those born under this sign would rather slowly and steadily crawl toward their goals than risk appearing incapable or needy. Interestingly it is often their independent successes that give them the confidence to progress in life. Over time, each Rat Cancer will need to figure out that by accepting assistance from others, they can actually make it much farther in life. Those who don’t may face a great deal of frustration, difficulty, and anxiety.

At their best, Rat Cancers will find a balance in life that will allow them to reach their goals without burning themselves out. At their worst the fear of lacking money or success can take over, making them greedy, narrow-minded, judgmental, and self-pitying.

Rat Cancer Traits

An eternal adolescent, you’re full of charm and agreeable follies. You preserve the youthfulness of your character a long time. The other side of the coin is that you constantly have difficulty behaving as a real adult and assuming the responsibilities that are yours. There will always be in you a side of capricious, spoiled child. You know better than anyone how to move your close ones and arouse protections by giving the impression of being unable to be on your own. You’re very receptive to those whom you love. These have great influence on your destiny, whether for the better or the worse.

Your professional and material success is often due to chance and talent rather than to work efforts. You manage your affairs by fits of inspiration, without a well defined direction, which brings about many changes of orientation. All that requires movement, travels, encounters, or that’s related to topicality, suits you very well. You’re a real spendthrift, money flowing briskly between your fingers. In love, you often let yourself be swayed by circumstances. Basically, you’re made for a carefree single life, but surely not for loneliness. Your interest would be to make your life with a more mature person who’ll play a parental role. Homosexual tendencies may sometimes show themselves.

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