Rooster Cancer

I have heard that it’s not uncommon among pet owners to think that their pet Rooster Cancer hates them. Like their animal namesake, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Rooster Cancer are equally hard to read. Chances are they don’t hate you at all; they are simply expressing their feelings without concern for the effect it has on others. That’s actually the easy thing about Rooster Cancers - they will let you know exactly what’s on their mind at any given moment. This trait also causes the most problems for them, as they can easily offend others without trying and may not even realize the negative effect they can have on those around them if they don’t learn to keep themselves in check.

Yes, Rooster Cancers are moody. They are also highly skeptical and don’t trust most things they hear right away, but that’s because they are also highly intuitive and have learned to follow their instincts over what they are told. They regularly let this intuition guide them, as well they should. Though they are typically smart, Rooster Cancers will fare better in most of life’s challenges if they trust their gut over their thoughts.

Members of this sign care a lot about how others perceive them, which makes it hard to understand how they can blurt out insults without realizing their impact. Well-intentioned yet blunt, stoic yet overly emotional, stylish yet simple, this is indeed a sign of contradictions. In life Rooster Cancers should learn to accept things as they are and not let their emotions get in the way of their intuitions. If they can calm down and find a balance in life, they have every chance at happiness.

Rooster Cancer Traits

You function above all with your mysterious antennas. Everything in you is only emotion, sensation, secret. Your sensitiveness and intuition are powerful and often border on the mediumistic sphere. You learn many things simply by revelation, without reasoning or demonstration. Your dreams are often premonitory, and your presentiments announce strange events. All this gives you a fascinating, bewitching, and sometimes even disquieting charm. You’re vulnerable to crises of profound anguish which make you flirt with despair and death. In any case, when reality fades away, it’s depression that comes in. Therefore you have an interest in undergoing a deep psychoanalysis at the start of each great stage of your existence.

You’re attracted by all that’s hidden or secret, and it’s in this domain that you can make the best material profits. You also possess remarkable financial flair and know judiciously how to chose the propitious moments or useful relations. Travels and relations with foreigners suit you well. Chance can intervene rather often and support your already very sure instinct. Your amorous desires are normally late and remain interiorized a long time. Your passions are ordinarily tormented, and your sexual tendencies can turn to obsession or the morbid. But you’re very capable of faithfulness and devotion.

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