Snake Cancer

Usually being called a Snake Cancer means that you are slow moving, but if your Primal Zodiac sign happens to be the Snake Cancer it means much more than that. Members of this sign are deep thinkers and are extremely devoted to those they love. They are very difficult people to predict. They tend to be moody and spend a lot of time alone pondering the mysteries of life. The intuitive senses of this sign are strong, and some Snake Cancers may find they even have a sixth sense or psychic ability.

While they may ask you many questions about your life, Snake Cancers don’t like to reveal a lot about themselves. Ironically they can see through the facades of others yet they still put up a facade of their own. Deep down they are insecure and worried that others won’t accept them for who they really are. Snake Cancers may seem cool and reserved on the outside, but inside they are very sensitive and highly emotional. They feel things on a deeper level than most other signs, but they never let it show. Members of this sign will need to learn how to let others help them if they are going to grow both emotionally and spiritually.

Snake Cancer Traits

This structure suits women more than it does men. Indeed, its masculine natives are too hesitant and easily influenced, or too dependent on their surroundings to have the best chances in life. You’re a very sentimental and romantic nature. You function almost exclusively with your heart and intuition. It’s why, as is the case with all dreamers, you expose yourself to numerous disappointments; but you accept them with certain indifference and certain resignation.

In work, you tend to let yourself be borne by the wave. Little capable of sustained efforts, you can nevertheless accede to beautiful success thanks to your charm and your real talent, the day when you feel backed up. On the contrary, you can achieve nothing if you don’t feel loved; indeed, affections are the pivot of your professional activities. Art and public relations jobs suit you very well. All that’s related to luxury, fashion, show business, and pleasure suits you well also, especially in association. You’re rather inconstant in your affections, but without malice whatsoever! You always need to be supported and comforted in love. You find your affective happiness mostly in your children.

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