Tiger Cancer

The name sounds scary, but like their animal namesake, people born under the sign of Tiger Cancer are mostly harmless. I said mostly. They will tirelessly fight on behalf of their friends and family, and if you are considered an enemy, expect a Tiger Cancer to keep attacking until one of you is finished. Members of this sign are highly emotional and take any perceived slight very personally. They are extraordinarily intense and very confident. They consider themselves the protectors of those close to them, which makes it much better to either be as close or as far away as possible from a Tiger Cancer.

Deep down Tiger Cancers just want to be loved and accepted. They are surprisingly giving to those they care about, and will go out of their way to make someone feel special and loved. They aren’t fearless, but they act like it. They want to be admired and seen as leaders, but sometimes their emotions get the best of them and they have trouble containing their feelings.

Members of this sign are challenging to understand because they are so complex. They can be adventurous, eccentric, and on top of the world one day and depressed, jealous, and downright mean-spirited the next. They regularly let their emotions lead them, and will struggle throughout their lives to learn to calm down and think things through before reacting. Achieving balance is the key to their long-term happiness.

Tiger Cancer Traits

Your personality is very strongly marked with the flagrant contradiction between the temptation to take refuge in maternal bosom and the need of adventures. You’ll always hesitate between these two tendencies, like Buridan’s ass, not knowing very well which way to turn. Sometimes, in order to put an end to your beating about the bush, you show yourself brusque and provocative, thus exposing yourself to blows which you can’t endure.

You’ll always bear the strong stamp of your familial life and of your parents. One generally believes that you had a frequent tendency to anorexia during your childhood if your mother was anxious and if she overprotected you. You’re very much attached to your loved ones all the while trying to free yourself from them. You constantly run the risk of seeing your life become singularly complicated because of family questions.

In your work, you’re an anxious and unstable person. Your susceptibility makes you vulnerable and can complicate your relationships with your colleagues or superiors. You can show yourself ambitious and know success, but often after a difficult start. By developing more objectivity you would make the most out of your gifts for creation and innovation.

In love, you’re subject to sudden changes. Thus your affairs of the heart are generally rather complicated. In order to experience sentimental happiness, you should begin with seeing clear in yourself and knowing exactly what you want.

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