Cancer First Decan

First decan Cancer born between June 22 and July 1. For those born between 22nd June and 1st July the Moon is the ruler planet. This makes their personality the positive and negative. Those born under this influence are sensitive, generous and creative. They have a great sense of intuition, and are eager to help others in a positive way. They are very generous. They are the happiest and most comfortable when in the company of their near ones. They can sometimes get too emotional, which tends to cloud their objectivity.

The first Decan Cancer personality is characterized by sensitivity, generosity and creativity. Their sensitive nature and emotional awareness makes them a natural Psychic. They have a tendency to “know’ what others are thinking or feeling. They use these skills for helping others. And helping others is what they most like to do because they are extremely generous. They do not expect great accolades for deeds.

They crave a sense of security and love and desire close family relationships. They possess a high level of creativity and can turn their hand to many career paths. They are most happy in the company of close friends and family, where they know they are well loved, admired and respected. The main flaws in this Decan Cancer personality are over sentimentality as they have a difficult time being objective when it comes to emotional issues.

Cancer First Decan - Physical Man of Moon

In the early stages of mental growth and development these individuals are bound by convention and outmoded ethical values. In speech or writing, under the influence of the Moon the operation of the conscious mind is largely influenced by the past.

Original thought is non-existent and there is the constant urge to appeal to antiquity, precedent and outworn platitudes. The half-educated mind is cautious, conservative and does not wish to offend, so will merely say what is easiest or most convenient. While the recessive mental type is lazy, placid, seldom exciting and most often boring, the positive type in sharp contrast is quite outspoken, independent, self-sufficient, and critical sometimes to the point of offensiveness.

The active mind has an exceedingly retentive memory with a style that is picturesque, vivid, dramatic, arousing and kindling of enthusiasm. Under the Moon, personal style and imagination come to the forefront, so quite naturally these Crabs enjoy contact with the public and love to claim its interest, stimulate its imagination and sway its moods. Nevertheless both the active and the passive mental types need to develop independence of thought and action. Eventually they must attain detachment and break their dependence on approval and sympathy from other people.

The dicta of religion and science meet with a ready acquiescence in the untrained mind of the average mass-minded Cancerian. Emphasis here is on the building up of the equipment of thought and the attainment of the necessary mental training. Authoritative statements are accepted without being verified. Too many other thinkers color their point of view.

The Cancerian in this decan must learn practical application of the scientific method of experimental testing and the elimination of that which cannot be proven. Childish, impossible and unverifiable thoughts are rejected and the result is the consequent clarification of the mental field.

Under this decan a discriminating and scientific process enables the Cancerian to arrive at a degree of truth regarding his or her personality and the physical side of life in general. Through this process the incorrect formulations of truth are ultimately eliminated, and right processes of thought that focus on the essential are engendered. A steady focusing of the attention is required.

Correct conclusions will eventually be reached when the mind is developed and receptive enough to register some eternal verity, thereby bridging the gap between the world of form and the world of Ideas. The advanced Cancerian mind becomes trained, open-minded and focused. With great facility it can then identify, recognize, understand and adjust in response to the ever-changing tide of human needs and the peculiar demands of family, friends and associates. This decan teaches sensitivity to timing and responsiveness to the cyclic processes of life.

Highly evolved mental types possess a wonderful facility for bringing harmony out of conflict, and become stronger themselves through the process of constant struggle and crisis. A tremendous capacity to reconcile, compromise, mediate and bridge demonstrates through a dynamic creative living process. Carefully cultivating and developing skill-in-action, musical talent, fashion, design, style and literary abilities go hand-in-hand with refined artistic and aesthetic sensibilities.

Although Cancerians have a fighting spirit they also have the ability to make peace, amuse, delight and entertain. They have a natural love of color and beauty, and the capacity to create or express it picturesquely in any given field. They have a form-creating mind with a facile ability to bridge, link, resolve, unify, integrate and synthesize. They are capable of attaining rapid attunement and rapport.

Fully integrated Cancerian personalities possess constructive minds able to build an edifice of thought. This is a patterning mind which organizes, details, sorts, classifies, coordinates, standardizes and synthesizes. Its hallmark is the production of crystal-clear thoughtforms.

The evolved mental type is quick, improvisatory, playful, dramatic, inclined to exaggeration, expressive, imagistic, fictive, freely associative, non-linear and non-rationalistic. The process of refining, weighing and balancing comes naturally to this analogical and metaphoric mental disposition. Through the process of mixing, linking and fusing, the mind becomes truly non-separative, drawing lines of harmonious relationship between diverse elements.

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