Cancer Second Decan

Second decan Cancer born between July 2 and July 12. For people born between 2nd July and 12th July, the ruling planet is Pluto. That means they have force, vigor, energy, power and vitality. The stronger qualities of Cancer are generally exhibited in the individuals of this Decan. It is important for them to know that they should not become too authoritarian. In a positive sense they are generous, caring and sensitive, even if possessive. These people also tend to be moody, and often wavering between reserved quality and being jovial and enthusiastic. The best careers suited for them are teaching, arts, designing. They are prone to going off into flights of fancy, and need to be more practical, or else they may end up wasting their energies.

The second Decan Cancer personality is characterized by mystery, secrecy and psychic ability. They have strong psychic abilities that help guide them with their decision making. They are private person and do not like to reveal too much of themselves to anyone. This includes close friends, lovers and family members. They are secretive and will keep secrets well. No one ever knows them.

They do not allow their heart to overrule their head. They are emotional and sensitive but have an analytical mind. This can lead to feelings of confusion. They have immense emotional needs and are happiest in a secure loving relationship. If their relationships are tested they will work hardest to overcome problems and rebuild a loving relationship. The main flaws in this Decan Cancer personality are a tendency to have a jealous streak.

Cancer Second Decan - Emotional Man of Pluto

At the second step the watery life of the emotional body is developed. At this stage the Cancerian deals with ordinary feelings, personality sentiments and personal reactions to pain and pleasure. Pluto’s rulership indicates that antagonism, conflict, struggle, stress, battle and crisis represent the path of least resistance and the modus operandi for emotional unfoldment in this decan.

Deeply ingrained in the Cancerian psyche is the craving for completeness or well-roundedness. Struggling with opposition and wrestling blindly with the duality of existence, they subject themselves fully to the tearing process generated by competing choices, options and alternatives. Emotional growth results from the intense progression through the highs and lows of personal crisis.

In the early sentient stage the struggle is waged unconsciously and unintelligently without a give-and-take which modifies the abrasive and discordant elements of the experience. Adjustments and accommodations are difficult, even though the Crab unconsciously seeks harmonization and is extraordinarily sensitive to any type of personal conflict.

The achievement of emotional harmony and balance is especially difficult for this type and certainly does not proceed in a straightforward manner. No matter how circuitous the route however, hypersensitivity to impacts from all angles and a rapid capacity of response to contacts from every point of the compass are the benchmark traits of the fully developed and mature Cancerian emotional body.

Pluto produces a painfully sensitive emotional temperament. It is amazing however, to what lengths and through how much pain an advanced Cancerian woman will go in order to appear more beautiful, attractive and desirable. Cosmetic surgery, electrolysis, waxing, tattoos, excessive periods of working out or training, fasting or special diets are the norm. The ability to change the physical appearance helps to produce a dramatic transformation of the Crab personality. Making themselves as physically beautiful and attractive as possible is an attempt to achieve emotional fulfilment.

The vanity and fear of a Cancerian woman concerning her own aging process is perhaps unprecedented in the zodiac. The attendant loss of full and firm breasts and general muscle tone, and especially the appearance of wrinkles on the face is often an overwhelming experience difficult to cope with emotionally. Maintaining good form and keeping up the semblance of conventional appearance becomes a real fort.

Pluto fosters an emotional formalism with an overemphasis on outer structure and appearances. Inwardly however, emotions of hurt and resentment build up. Unconscious feelings of frustration, anger and entrapment stemming from the emotional straightjacket of restraint and constraint result. This syndrome causes the astral Crab to lash out furiously at times over seemingly innocuous, trivial or relatively unimportant issues at home or in the office.

Crabs are known for retreating within their shell and shunning friends and family for weeks or months at a time, after which they attempt to emerge again into the public gaze in an effort to regain self-respect. Keep in mind that Pluto is a planet of duality and the emotional temperament of Cancer is known for its alternating extremes and dramatic moods. Have you noticed how a Cancerian mother will love, pamper and spoil her children one moment and angrily reprimand them in the next?

Pluto is youthful and playful, so with the opposite sex a good deal of relatively innocent and harmless bantering, repartee, flirting and teasing is common. Cancerian types do seem to have quite a comedian inside. However they can also have quite a sarcastic and biting sense of humor, and can make snide comments or off-hand remarks exhibiting a real slanted and warped social, sexual and racist bias. A real hypocrite emerges who will not be seen talking to those outside of their own social milieu.

Cancerians love to be able to feel confident, safe and secure enough of their own status, social or financial position to be able to criticize others who are less fortunate or different in some way. They view life from the outside in; certainly not from the inside out.

The astral Crab remains oblivious and unconscious of the special needs or individuality of others, beginning with their spouse, family, friends and children. It is as if a sense of the latent but unexpressed powers of the soul gives the undeveloped Cancerian an absurd idea of their own self-importance and the respect, deference and consideration due to them by others.

The inertia of the emotional temperament is so strong that the Crab can really be stuck in the mud. The behavior of the astral type has much to do with attachment, bondage, grasping, holding on and clinging. Have you noticed that a crab will lose its claw before it will let go of an object; and will then proceed to grow a new claw? When emotionally hurt or apprehensive the line of least resistance for the Crab type is to take evasive rather than direct action.

Note how a crab when threatened runs off sideways attempting to skirt the danger with a sudden flurry of lateral motion. Inwardly, the personal emotional state remains imbalanced, insecure, undirected, unsettled and unstable. The irrationality of the Crab is such that they are fully capable at times of throwing all caution to the wind, losing complete control and doing that which is forbidden, thus breaking all social taboos and shattering the illusion of the status quo. It is the constant craving for emotional experience that leads to the heights of folly.

The recessive Mercurial emotional disposition is an aggravating bundle of contradictions and inconsistencies. Strong feelings of exalted self-sufficiency are followed by periods of unreasoning terror, exaggerated shyness and humility. Fierce pride and independence alternate with vulnerability, helplessness and loneliness.

The Mercurial temperament is dualistic, unbalanced, spasmodic, vague, indefinite, moody, elusive, oversensitive and insensitive, difficult, restless, unreliable, erratic, unstable, angry, frustrated, repressed, depressed, destructive, uncontrolled, addictive, dictatorial, naive, unrealistic, manipulative, indiscreet, prying, troubled, unsure, frightened, phobic, smothering, passive, procrastinating, negative, long-suffering, insecure, anxious, withdrawn, biased, stuck, obsessive, disturbing, difficult, armored, shielded, fanciful, disillusioned, uncommunicative, isolated, misleading, materialistic, cold, self-denigrating, unforgiving, impulsive, moralizing, hardened, tethered, impatient, dissatisfied and self-unconscious.

Helpless slaves of their moods, astral Crabs are doomed to disappointment and failure and fall at times into silent despair. The young soul in Cancer is the prey of sentimentalism, sensationalism and exaggerated emotion of every kind. On the positive side, the Mercurial emotional expression is well known for great magnetism, love of beauty, grace, ability to improvise, athleticism, artistic talents, rhythm, musical and aesthetic sensibilities.

These Cancerians are charismatic, dramatic, enraptured, seductive, sensual, romantic, open, imaginative, receptive, enchanting, illuminating, skillful, magical, empathic, perceptive, courageous, protective, convincing, determined, humorous, interesting, entertaining, lively, fun-loving, child-like, experimental, vibrant, daring, adventuresome, fascinating, inspirational, influential, passionate, observant, truthful, sensitive, proud, attractive, intent, motivated, involved, creative, spontaneous, curious, inventive, patient, receptive, socially aware, cooperative, responsible, capable, consistent, committed, steadfast, faithful, self-confident and courageous.

When emotionally mature, the Crab is a provider and nurturer who gives comfort, food, support, shelter and individualized love to those they care about. Their children are given every material advantage and receive the best possible schooling, and often the best musical and cultural training. They bring other people into their houses and warm them with the radiant love and light emanating from the central nucleus of their family. Eventually after many lifetimes of experience, the ability to compromise and mediate will enable the advanced emotional type to preserve their integrity and to be able to form and maintain complete unions.

In fact one of the great gifts of the emotionally mature Cancerian is that they are in fact a bridge of relationship and a reconciling link between diverse elements, circumstances and people. This gift is especially important when the marriage partner is not at the same point of evolutionary development. At this latter stage the life of true and inclusive love unfolds with the powerful feelings and emotions finally given full, free and abundant expression. The sentient ability to appropriately respond to environing conditions, circumstances, persons and objects has now been awakened.

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