Cancer Third Decan

Third decan Cancer born between July 13 and July 22. For those born between 13th July and 22nd July, ruling planet is Neptune. They are sure to gain name and fame in their lifetime. The person also tends to gain through education and travel. They are very intelligent. These people may be melancholy and negative, refusing to see the brighter side of life. They are also unable to take strong decisions, because of which they put themselves to great hardships throughout their lives, particularly on the emotional fronts.

The third Decan Cancer personality is characterized by intuition, empathy and optimism. They are somewhat of a dreamer and like to fantasies. Poetry, creative writing or art are all areas they can excel in. They are kind and compassionate which makes them very empathetic and they can easily understand the feelings and emotions of others.

That have a fascination for the unusual, extraordinary or unconventional and are interested in the supernatural and spiritualism. They adore the idea of being in love. This sometimes leads to disappointment with relationships. Because of their positive optimism, this disappoint soon diminishes. They enjoy their own company and like to have time alone and dream some more.

Cancer Third Decan - Mental Man of Neptune

The third stage of Cancer fosters the embryonic growth and development of the intelligent faculty of sentient response to environing conditions. The life activity of the soul here is the development of mental sensitivity in its higher aspects.

The pull of the form life and the processes of concretization control; hence the symbolism of the hard outer shell of the Crab. The soul exclusively identifies itself with its physical form and its active modifications. Attachment and longing for objects of desire are the dominant characteristics, and these lead after many incarnations to a point of crystallization.

The problem of the Crab is that it identifies itself with the mass life and symbolically the "blind unit" is lost or submerged in the ocean of mass social consciousness. Negative physical receptivity remains a lifelong problem and there is an acute need for self-preservation to be developed. Eventually the "blind physical unit" will awaken to that which is around it. In the interim period of evolution, the Crab is deeply immersed or captivated in the mass "ocean" of life and must tirelessly endeavor to attain some measure of control over the physical plane.

Subjectively speaking, the stage is being set for the eventual appearance of the soul in form. Only after countless incarnations will the form life become the conscious method of expression. At this latter stage the pull of matter will be superseded by the free choice of the soul. Obviously the successful development and eventual use of the form aspect is essential, as the task in this decan is to build adequate physical bodies and to become a self-conscious, self-sufficient, independent and individual personality.

At the advanced physical stage the essential dualism of soul and body begins to be sensed. The soul is making its presence felt, underscoring the truth that it will one day be fused into one form with the physical body. The ability to clear the ocean of debris and to walk free in the world of illusion for the purpose of helping, serving, saving or lifting other human beings remains a latent but distant possibility.

For long ages however, the life of the Crab is selfish and self-centered with all efforts focused upon personal satisfaction and personality enterprises, and these become steadily stronger and stronger. Quite naturally, at the rudimentary stage of physical development the young Crab is quite timid and helpless, staying hidden in the crevices of the rocks, trembling at the approach of danger and smothering those upon whom they rely for security.

Just starting out, the young Crab—to speak in symbols—must third begin to learn how to string and tune its own physical instrument and strive to find the key to its harmonies. At third they make a complete mess and jangle of the chords, ignorantly, impatiently and helplessly attempting to force a tune out of each string. In the early stage the instrument itself—the physical body—must third be outwardly developed before the inner music of the soul can find a voice or fit vehicle of expression.

The pitch is altered fitfully and spasmodically as the ability to register response to the discords of life is slowly and painfully developed. At the advanced physical stage the Crab will begin to consciously listen for harmonies in nature and lend its efforts to producing them; but at the beginning of the third stage the soul must deal with physical awkwardness, numerous imperfections, lack of symmetry and poor proportion.

Generally speaking, the Cancerian physical type is usually somewhat large and round, gains weight easily and may be strong, but certainly is not very well proportioned. In fact, perhaps the outstanding physical trait is the lack of any regularity of feature. The skeletal structure itself is generally the most striking aspect, with its limbs—especially the arms—long in proportion to the body. Shoulders are typically quite broad with the hands and feet excessively large, but the legs are often like spindles, underdeveloped and thin.

In both sexes the upper body, especially the chest or breasts, are quite full or wide with a decided tendency to top-heaviness, out of proportion with the lower body. This is certainly not always the case however, and many Cancerian women are quite flat chested. Nevertheless breast appearance and development or lack of it plays an important part in their psychology. Irregularities or small abnormalities in feature due to obscure karmic causes, are common occurrences.

The Crab with distinctive recessive physical traits is excessively overweight and displays an over-sized skull broader than it is long, with a large over-hanging brow and decidedly wide lower jaw. The teeth are irregular in size and shape. Small eyes and a full face are the norm. The lines and features of the face are round and flat with unhealthy fatness, and jowls which resemble the mandibles of the Crab totem of the sign.

The nose is typically snub, turned up, with wide nostrils. Excessively large, the mouth appears greedy and sensual, as if the appetites are indulged indiscriminately. The eyebrows are thick or bushy, arching above the small, pale eyes, highlighting an expression of dull, placid unintelligent curiosity. The hair is straight, thin and dull, lacking body—or else the opposite, uncontrollably thick, curly and unmanageable.

In the feminine type blessed with active features, the look is petite or small and quite doll-like, with baby-soft skin and quiet voice. The skull and cranium are longer, more angular, and the features decidedly more oval and aquiline. The cheekbones are high, rounded and sometimes rather cute, like chipmunks.

The eyes are large, generally pale blue or gray, deep set and wide apart, with long eyelashes full and curling, and the eyebrows very distinctly marked. The eyes often reveal a painful, shy, hurt or sad expression and are characterized by a drifting, dreamy, watery, moist, child-like quality.

The most beautiful Cancerian eyes are like deep mysterious ocean pools, whirlpools of delight, colored by an exuberant expression of luminous receptivity, intelligent curiosity and a beholding wonderment. The skin and the face of the Cancerian female are often especially sensitive and great care must be taken. The mouth is generally somewhat wide and expressive, with a generous smile of great sweetness. The hair is usually plentiful, blond or light brown, flaxen, silky and wavy; but can also be very thick, tight, twisted and curly.

Positively inspired by the Neptunian force, as we might expect, we find a whole host of great artists, writers, bodybuilders, athletes, actors, musicians and fabulous dancers born under the auspices of this decan. The focus here is the production of adequate forms, well-proportioned, graceful and harmonious, the body possessing a real sense of symmetry, rhythm, timing and beauty.

The capacity to beautifully build and to wisely use and control a relatively perfected human form are the result of the efforts of the soul achieved over many lifetimes. Eventually the full glorification and adoration of the perfected human form life will be successfully and creatively achieved.

In the meantime the Crab must often work hard to balance physical injustices, inadequacies and irregularities. When the accomplished athlete, bodybuilder, dancer, yogi or gymnast can stand triumphantly on the physical plane, the temple of the soul has become well rounded, attractive, complete and practically perfected.

The advanced Cancerian physical type is a shape-shifter fully capable of molding, sculpturing and transfiguring their physical vehicles, and are also experts in the task of training the bodies of others. They therefore make excellent personal trainers and instructors of great inspiration and imaginative power. As teachers, musicians, artists and coaches they often establish their own studios or schools of specialized instruction.

Although some Cancerians simply prefer a quiet walk in the park or countryside, many like to jog, cross-train or engage in a wide range of leisure and sport activities including biking, swimming, golfing, skiing or tennis. In all cases the active physical type appears in top-shape, with excellent hygiene, perfect make-up, well groomed and immaculately dressed. The successful Crab personality certainly more than makes up for any lack of regularity or imperfection in physical feature through personal magnetism and charisma.

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