Cancer Individual Degrees

The degree symbols of Cancer are most useful in elaborating a personal birth chart. You can learn about personal cycles from studying the place of a transiting or progressed planet by degree at a given time, revealing collective as well as personal timings. The Zodiac degrees also act as an oracle. One can open the collection anywhere for a given day, or in reponse to a question. The degrees will reveal what is happening now and if we are attentive and responsive to the cues, what is required of us. Comparing charts of friends and famous people who are known for certain qualities, one can gradually discriminate among the degrees.

Cancer Degrees Interpretation

CANCER 1 Degree - A potter at work.

Carving out a sacred place for what you most care about to flourish. Giving your all to a task or project, a way of life or shared stream. Socio-culturally gifted. Selecting out what you feel pulled to cultivate and foster, and eliminating all other factors. You feel nurturing, sustaining, giving, but unwilling and unable to recognize and come to terms with shadows and difficulties. So intent upon creating a perfect world or vessel that you miss whatever you do not want to see. And this is a precarious edge to walk.

CANCER 2 Degree - A bunch of iron keys.

Strength to stay with vision and maintain the connection with your greater self throughout your changes. Blessed with a sharp aim, an intricate ability to find a way through ingeniously and resourcefully. Bearing the striking quality of always knowing just where you are, no matter what the context. When a masterful touch carries out a razor-sharp aim, the results are impressive. You are held above the frequencies of conflict and disattunement and wrapped up in a cocoon of guided destiny-ongoingness. The challenge is to retain full power within this sphere in the face of its strange reputation. For this will not be seen as it is, because the great bulk of its presence is at too high a vibrational frequency to register. What others see is a lack of fully human sympathies and manner. Therefore, you are being asked to hold steady in a position while accused of having elitist and self-righteous attitudes, and to simply be beyond the world and bring into it what is called for, indwelling your greater self all the while with calm and supernal uprightness.

CANCER 3 Degree - A set of surgical instruments.

A self-schooling in using the mind appropriately. You are learning how to dump overboard all preconceptions, all belief systems, every opinion based on previous experience. You are discovering how to think and act from a disinterested, steady, and cool vantage point. And you are one-pointedly intent upon grasping the central message that what you weigh down by negative bias, by apprehension, and by dark conviction comes back to haunt you a thousandfold; while what you set free, by precise and accurate read-outs and follow through, becomes such a blessing that you swim in it forever. By witnessing exhaustively just how negative intent and affirmative intent work, intelligence is refined to the utmost, and the approach taken is optimized quintessentially and exquisitely.

CANCER 4 Degree - Weeping willows by a pond.

Remembering...oh so many things...the personal, the collective, the ancestral-karmic stories everywhere. Held transfixed by the overshadowing of the stories, you seek shelter in the confines of the familiar. Layer upon layer of allegiance and sentiment, memory and realization. A certain habit of going back to the beginning. Magnetized by what you feel to be your own sphere of existence. Wishing to stay there and rest undisturbed, in the rippling waves of pasts sensed and followed. You keep the home fires burning in a vigil of being fragrantly tied in with your many pasts, so that there is no room for anything else, as what has always been continues in yet another variation, in enchanted life-force dreaming onward.

CANCER 5 Degree - A trap door under a rug.

Getting lost and getting found. Shadowed by self all the way. Sent upon a cycle of radical externalization and almost being able to pull it off. Yet you are shadowed, haunted, bugged, and sabotaged by the strangest things. Fate speaks loud and clear and says, "You are doing all this for a purpose, and your expression is pushing so far outward for good reason. But you must remember, get sobered and humbled, be tripped up by what you don’t see and won’t let yourself feel." Superstitious and peripherally aware of just about everything. Concentrated upon self-intent with ferocious striving insistency. Needing to accomplish concrete external goals and needing to find them to be no longer enough. Pursuing yourself beyond the immediate drama so that soul can restore wholeness, just where persona gets swept away by how easy and natural it is to fill your world with your own ideas and sensibility.

CANCER 6 Degree - The medusa’s head with writhing snakes for hair.

Karma is frequently anticipated and anxiously dreaded. We know we must confront whatever we have given power to haunt us. Ancestors, collective undertows, personal mistakes of the past, everything comes due. And so there must be the utmost honesty and integrity, dedication and perseverance, to cut right through the gathering storm clouds and rescue or redeem what is essential, what is vital. When karma is this palpable and heavy duty, the only skillful means is to cultivate a life-giving perspective and to inject all of the negativity with this elixir, until there is nothing further to worry about. Because you have become forward looking enough to turn any past around and to make any darkness luminous from within, and to be able to walk on.

CANCER 7 Degree - The arctic wasteland under the setting sun.

Envisioning a way of life that is both utopian and practical. Dreaming of a very different mix in the sociocultural shared life. Motivated by the knowledge, the clear sensing, that all of this can be and must be. Wide open to the limitless Cosmos. Nominated or appointed to restore the total view. You are gifted exquisitely with an uncompromising truth sense that cleaves to what can be illuminated by the infinite, and you are most dramatically mobilized to spread this realization everywhere you go. Having known forever the way it really is, yet zealously drawn back into time to fertilize the ordinary landscape. All facets of life must partake of the bounty, and only then can we rest assured that we have done our part and followed the pulse of universal conscience where it naturally leads.

CANCER 8 Degree - An alchemical text written on parchment.

The code that brings everything together is here remembered and insisted upon. You cannot shake off the authoritative understanding of the higher aspect and its call. You are riveted to the spot inwardly by the story, the myth, the legend. For you believe in the chronicle, the birthright of realization, penetration, and return upon the spiral. This way of being also calls up wild events and experiences, in order both to challenge and to rally your understanding into renewing itself by encompassing what is anything but already cosmically clear. And as you discover how to enjoy and partake in the chaos below, and to commune within and heighten the dedication above, the path of always-having-known-these things-before will reawaken in a whole other sense, and become life-giving, life-renewing, and richly permeating and true.

CANCER 9 Degree - A skeleton playing a flute.

Death is a haunting accompanist to the tender side of life. The spinetingling touch of death close at hand renders poignant and accentuates what is vital in the world of the living. It takes courage to dance with death. Fear is natural under the circumstances. You have to play your fear and turn it into the music of courage. Wandering along the threshold between the living and the dead, belonging to neither world, yet integrally part of both. Intimately familiar with every side of existence. One who passes as a stranger, unknown and unknowable. Solitude is your element. The contemplation of the mysteries becomes as natural as breath, as ingrained as holding steady in the violent windstorm of life in the Earth. Lyrical, melancholy, and disassociated from familiar comforting things. A mist or haze wraps you about, creating an aura of the uncanny, and it is there you feel at home and nowhere else.

CANCER 10 Degree - A violent hail storm.

Great disruption serves long-term continuity. By submitting yourself periodically to excruciating soul ordeals, to severe tests and trials, you make sure that your destiny is self-renewing. You pull in, at these junctures, what is alien or strange or far removed from your own way of being; by suffering the imposition of the dark stranger, you completely shake up all smug structures. Much of your life is keyed into enduring under onslaught, being able to form yourself into one who can encompass absolutely anything. The path indicated is neither chaotic nor random. It is sharply pointed to take on experiences and lessons that are needed and to fully transmute the karmic sequences. You have a core commitment to tackling the hard stuff with a fury of intent that is just enough to make the whole thing work, revealing that you can do the impossible if your will is singular and your inner strength to go the distance is as solid and real as any obstacle, and even more so.

CANCER 11 Degree - Monstrosities in glass jars at a side show.

Plagued by glitches. Stuck in anomalies. You feel atavistically caught in very strange old places that will not budge for anything. Self-doubt, self-negation, self-sabotage. Excruciatingly self-conscious. The glare of the spotlight falls upon chronic unconscious syndromes. Places where hiding in massive dysfunction seems to be the only security and safety. The unwitting subtle fostering of clusters of negativity and confusion. Perpetuating the problem by doggedly refusing to see it for what it is. The extravagant pretense that all of this is a joke, or something gross and trivial. Yet in the end being stopped by little shadow dwellers just becomes too painful for you to rationalize any further. And the freakish syndromes you tried so hard to pawn off on everything else come back home to be uprooted with deep, sober will.

CANCER 12 Degree - Carefully a surgeon begins the dissection of a corpse.

The analytical intellect takes as its special province the after image, the recapitulative view. Second-guessing yourself, criticizing, cutting things up. You are expertly skillful at showing things the way they are on the surface - an extraordinary genius in this domain can evolve. Cooling off partisan sentiment and getting at what is there. Devoid of idealistic projections. Sticking to the facts. Designing life as an experiment in which you must pay very close attention and miss nothing. heart is cut out, the human element is eliminated. Is it an advance or a regressive loop? Do some things just have to be this way? Is the world a stark and barren place to be? And is there a path directly under this icy intellect to recover the soul in things to the mind’s satisfaction and the spirit’s release?

CANCER 13 Degree - Many voices singing different songs at the same time.

When you touch in to a place where timelessness prevails you’re greeted by all the many selves, simultaneously here now. If you can make room for them all, the music they make will prove to be innovative and extraordinary. But if you start to have preferences for some of them over the others, they will compete and clamor and generate dissonance. It takes a generous and wide open spirit to be able to contain all that you wish to bring through. It is so easy and tempting, so hard to resist thinking in those ways that label parts of self wonderful and parts of self terrible, parts of the world optimal and parts of the world trouble all-the-way. And if you take the overrich mix of your greatly full nature and starts to pick apart the pluses from the minuses, a volatile, seething, and quite overly-fermentive brew will be produced. You cannot afford judgments and arbitrary distinctions, biases and special tastes, when facing a larger-than-life world which can come together only if you have no idea how, and let the music play however it will.

CANCER 14 Degree - A dried up streambed covered with smooth rocks.

Unless tragedy strikes, a new Earth cannot be accessed. Only as all the old, familiar places dry up is there a path to walk revealed beneath, pristine and beckoning. It is no use looking back. The way lies right here, strewn with experience, memory, loss, and redemption by walking onward. It is a difficult, painstaking journey from here. You have to go so deep inside burrowing into the cave of navigational realization, that you are held, cherished, known, given all you need; yet as well required, commanded, to become entirely purposeful and to be the path and to cease all complaining and extraneous consciousness. This, in order to do what is here to do, with your entire being in ring- ing conviction and fidelity to the highest.

CANCER 15 Degree - A boarded-up doorway that leads to another realm.

The soul, as divided as it can be between two diametrically opposed realities. Radical karmic crossroads. What is preferred, what you have a taste for and an affinity with is any known familiar world within which you belong and are not questioned. What you feel afraid of, forbidden from entering, are the vast, unknown worlds which partake of infinity. If given your way, the densely familiar worlds will surround and protect you for extended cycles. Spirit here must wait until all personal dramas are exhausted. Yet spirit here is not patient, and subtly curses your mundane endeavors for being so trivial. The resolution of this extreme polarization will require drastic self-loss and many subtle permutations to pass through in order to become whole again, when your karma has split you down the middle and left you there to work it out for yourself.

CANCER 16 Degree - A skull carved out of quartz crystal.

Magnificent aplomb. Knowing how to do it right, ingrained with staggering soul memory. The lineage taken further. Attainments in other lives grant in this one carte blanche to do what is in one to do, be what is in one to be. Offering to the world sparkling gifts. Effortless presence and composure, authoritative stance. You can go as far as you are motivated to, no limits. At the heart of the mystery is the rare quality of simultaneous awareness and attunement upon multiple frequencies, which can become the mediating call to bring heavens and Earth into union or to allow any given frequency to link up with any other. So that the ancient visions are fulfilled, and the world opens up right on time at the crossing point, held absolutely intact.

CANCER 17 Degree - A woman working busily at a spinning wheel.

Trance states as natural evolution. Being inside the inside, yet staying under and weaving a web in time of remembrance and forgetfulness and remembrance. Deeply involved with the personal, yet coldly detached from whatever does not serve. Persuading, teaching, invoking, insisting that what comes next, comes next, that we must get on with the dance. This is a penetrating sensibility which finds what can be brought forward and fosters it all-pervasively. The collective voice of conscience at her post, attentive and scrutinizing. A void in terms of letting everything be, and an immense force to follow the thread of growth and development all the way through, catching every stitch.

CANCER 18 Degree - A black child playing with a tiger.

Supersensitized to the play of opposites in every sphere of existence. Swept up in gender karmas, ancestral karmas, and heaps of collective karma. You play out each and every side in action, in imagination, and in suggestion. Electrified by the drama, the color, the spectacle, the karmic theater production right in your living room, you are astounded by how it goes. Attached to everything, personally implicated everywhere, feeling responsible and highly susceptible to guilt, shame, and severe self-doubt. Mind and emotions swirling one into the other. Interpretations, evaluations, explanations, crises, and breakthroughs. Identified with the sheer power of the crossfire. Being right; being wrong. Who is to blame? And who knew what all along? A chant, a Greek chorus, an incantation of how everybody has felt about these things forever. Dreaming into the role, perfect for the part, each and every line spoken with conviction.

CANCER 19 Degree - An opossum comes out into the moonlight.

Inside-out. Massively vulnerable and strictly unreachable. A verge in destiny where the innermost soul is revealing its true colors in a magical display. However, it is a ritual performance and heavily guarded and veiled all the while. You give a glimpse of the unarmored underbelly, yet mask so many things in order to make this excruciating edge safe and secure and something to dream into at many angles, but remain alone within. Becoming ready to open to threshold states, vastly afraid of myriad dangers. And therefore, placing a small part of yourself into the light of the shared arena while retaining control over the rest. A testing of the waters with such underlying supersensitivity that there will be a lot more hiding than seeking before you discover how to put yourself forward freely, face the shadow of your fears, and live to tell about it.

CANCER 20 Degree - Many brightly-colored tropical fish.

When you are inside of the life-flow, the vividness of impressions and the vibrancy of responses wax so strong and powerful that you must live it out in the unconscious, leaving the conscious levels high and dry. The immense fertility of imaginative depths stays inside and avoids super flooding by setting off a private preserve of consciousness within which to maintain personal priorities. Inside, the deep and vital fluids are quickened and marvelously differentiated and vast. This rigid division between the overt and the covert is felt to be simply a given. The consequences are severe. All livingness is excluded by consciousness and all consciousness is excluded by livingness. This stance is static and repetitive, and represents a final echo of a longstanding duality, which must yield to a whole new way of being in this world when every other option is used up.

CANCER 21 Degree - High up on a mountain an eagle’s nest.

Heritage and birthright, the soul’s inheritance. Being granted a belongingness, an attunement to rarified worlds. Consciousness triumphant. Maintaining the Crown vista of universal essentials, you are imbued with natural wonders and treasures. Wakeful, vigilant, and clear. You have superlative faculties of sifting through and finding what we all need to see here. Remarkably untouched by personal limitations and distortions. Called upon to uphold the truth and knowing it. Serene, focused, and unsentimental. Diving right to the place where the goods are. Impeccable skills used under constraint. The finest accompanies each breath. The mark of previous karmic attainments of the highest kind. Resuming where you left off, steady, self-assured, and righteous in the best sense. Beyond reproach.

CANCER 22 Degree - Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring.

Spacious. Making room for worlds to be born, new life to arise, the fount of existence to be tapped, the center of things to become vital again. A global sensibility, a universal dream, a brotherhood/sisterhood vision to repopulate the world with vital, fresh beings, to find the place inside that is sustaining and renewing and to give it forth abundantly. A certain spirit of destiny breakthroughs - something different previously unsuspected. Diving for the eternal waters, and here they are if they are called in at full power. The one given the task to refocus the shared aspiration to bring us all together. You have an utterly engaging quality that cannot be denied once it fully arises, with the most memorable of touches and looks. The presence of the Great Goddess force at every level, accessible if dreamed up and invited in. The cracking through at the peak time and place. All is revitalized. Everything forgotten comes on the spiral to the next octave and is released into the celebration of being.

CANCER 23 Degree - A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.

Nothing works any more. The form of things is breaking apart. In your mind’s eye, you can remember how it once went, and you can certainly try to put it back together as it was. There is something about doing this that teaches you all kinds of things. And when you are called inside to reconstruct the old world and somehow keep it together one way or another, you must do it. One lesson you will eventually learn is how the mind works and why it is convinced that this task is so very necessary. But meanwhile, there is an elegance, sophistication, a cultured touch and sensibility that provides entry into so many fascinating worlds. Karmic recapitulation. Going back to the same places to do the same things can be quite a story to tell. Every bit of it is ebbing as it happens. All of your constructions in mind and outer form cannot hold on much longer. But the ego-mind is most tenacious and insistent in such destiny verges, hoping to postpone the deluge one more delicious moment.

CANCER 24 Degree - A single crumbling Corinthian column.

The inward temple held in tune. Sitting in celestial juices. Beheld by the Gods as a pillar of light. Defiant of time’s cycles. Invested with the life-pulse immortal. As serene and effortless as it is constant and true. Making way for what cannot be foreseen. And giving voice to a sensibility that is entirely pregnant with worlds within worlds held intact, and offered up upon the altar of the world stage.

CANCER 25 Degree - A flock of penguins on an icy beach.

Inward purpose draws to itself an invisible community of those who are dedicated to the far places together. Your subtle support system recognizes acutely that you are bearing gifts of a high and free kind and attempting to bring these through in just the right way. A guiding stream accompanies your very life-pulse and steers you toward staying faithful and not pushing too hard, too fast. A timeless, future-infused sphere, vast and expansive and truly unlimited. Become the personification of this otherness by being inwardly there within it and outwardly silent and poised and cool. There shall be chances, opportunities, ritual occasions for bringing the greater worlds to bear upon the basic, shared lifestream. And at all other times, preparation and ripening are in order, to be perfectly ready when called upon, clear, steady, and supertrue.

CANCER 26 Degree - Pastry makers.

A world perfectly fit for public consumption. A ceremonial display and production of community goodies, commodities, marvels, and wonders. You are in touch with the marketplace and with special occasions. Most at home within a gourmet sensibility, a good life ambience, but able to turn just about anything into the best of styles. Coolly self-packaging. Fascinated by images, ideas, culture, and belonging to a circle of special friends. Laying it on strong. Creating the social glue, the magical rapport. Convinced above all that we deserve the best, we are special, we are what it is all about.

CANCER 27 Degree - A woman giving birth to twins.

Moving one way and moving another way at the same time, in the same breath, day in and day out. Inwardly compelled to take hold of given pairs of opposites and to work them by going into both and finding out how and where and why both cannot be refused, insist on being met. Captivated by your life predicament. Always seeing contradictory sides that in some ways cancel each other out. But also unfolding in multiple directions and truly born with a split karma. You have little choice but to cover all the bases, check everything out and play through each and every side of the situation. Consciously identifying with one thing at a time, but subconsciously absorbed in the other thing consistently. Prone to self-sabotage and searching for a lost path through which you can bring the polarities together, serve the whole, and yet be free within the serving and be unattached, just there to let it all come through, without making anything a burden or a self-blaming focus. The charge is removed when the opposites find each other again, and fanaticisms give way to the universal good met integrally.

CANCER 28 Degree - A tremendous cave on the bank of a river.

Inwardly knowing where to go, what to do, how to do it, and where it all leads. You have a special faculty for karmic clairvoyance or sensing the individual and collective destiny-territory that must be navigated through. Placed strategically in the molten core of world dilemma to remember how to get it right. Driven by a force of will that is overwhelming. You are guided to be in the right place at the right time for catching the drift of the tide we all are swimming toward. Unconsciously and superconsciously in touch and in tune with what is happening. Consciously, walking a tightrope between the heights and the depths, and never sure while being sure. Given an engraved destiny-invitation to participate to the utmost in collective cycles of renewal and to stay within your place of power throughout. For you have gathered considerable awareness toward this time of decision, and this vertical attunement is a welcome ingredient - one vitally needed.

CANCER 29 Degree - A large school of baby fish swimming in a group.

You spawn fertile variations on an archetypal theme. These surround and envelop you. Saturated with your own creations; afloat in a multitime warp. It is all old stuff, backed up too far, too long. And so the familiarity smothers, the closeness renders insensible. You are just about consumed by myriad pasts streaming through. And the only possibility is to acknowledge how fed up you are with yourself, and to open to fresh facets with no expectations, no assumptions, no programs, nothing but the living moment.

CANCER 30 Degree - Wild grapes growing everywhere.

Drawing forth the very best in everything. Selecting out the quintessence, the most vital part, and offering it nurturance and acknowledgment. A celestial quality of perception. Being entirely capable of persuading just about anybody that life is good, that marvelous things are at hand, and that we are all in this together. Sisterhood, brotherhood, camaraderie unlimited. You sense into the place where the situation resolves and completes itself by creative release. You have the epochal realization that there is nothing to hang onto, and that when the containers are broken open, all the vibrancy spills out and blesses the whole. An instantaneous impulse informed by much experience, becoming the instinct for bringing out the truth and letting Earth-life hold sway as a pageantry of trust in the wisdom of the life-force, with nothing to hold back.

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