Cancer Career Horoscope

Don't let the emotional side of a Cancerian fool you! When it comes to being ambitious, a Cancer individual will get right to it - roll up their sleeves and jump head long into work. A profession that requires nurturing is great for them but they make great journalists as well as gardeners too. However, they need to feel that they are contributing to the cause or they are making a difference. This keeps them motivated. They believe in saving their money and make the right investments.

Whether working for a company or self employed, cancer sign born individuals are hard working, trustworthy and loyal. They care about the well being and welfare of workforce, and are respected for their kindly benign ways. The abilities of cancer born natives make them fit for a range of careers. They have a penchant for trade or business. They are good at organizing things. With a sense of value and economics, they are often successful in industry. Whatever the line of work, cancer's tenacious memory comes handy for recalling facts, figures, names or faces from the past. Their intuition is at core of their success in any venture. They enjoy good professional lives. Continuity and real sense of past is important for them.

Suitable Profession for Cancer

The suitable professional industries for them include water transport, navy, docks, shipping, sea food, crafts, fish, textiles, pearls, music, weapons, liquids and chemicals, athletics, dancing, acrobatics, sea products, catering, restaurants, nursing, archaeology, cereals.They can excel as antique dealer, fisherman, sailor, museum curator, historian, social worker, hotelier, chef, mid wife, nursery teachers, nurses, matrons, managers, hire purchase regulators, ship captains, sailors, preachers, orators, historian, agriculturalists, landscape Gardner, shop keeper, chef, conservationist, builder, architect, child minder, boat or ship builder.

Cancer Finances

Cancerians are great while dealing with finances. They are good at predicting market movements. They are cautious while investing. Good at timing they are able to yield good profits. They take calculated risks in life. Often known as mean and a miser in social circles, they are generous with loved ones. They have a flair for business. They manage or keep an eye on financial stands seldom trusting others. They often think themselves to be less well off than others. They are honest and cannot tolerate any dishonesty. They are shrewd and calculative which save them from falling in pitfalls of financial disasters. They have real knack with money and are able steadily to accumulate comfortable resources.

Cancer Education

Born with the Cancer sun sign the children feel protective in their home environment and with their parents. It is hard for them to attune to new surrounding and environments. Leave them in new environment and you can find yelling sounds and tears within few moments. With growing age perception is the key to smoothing the transition. Driven by intuition and emotions they reach end with logical assessment. Endowed with great tenacity and determination they can excel in any field.

Cancer Compatibility