Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope

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The month of May has Cancer natives very focused on money derived from your career. On May 11, there's a new moon in Taurus, and now you can talk to your supervisor about new opportunities within the company. This could be due to a company split or the company being recently acquired by another firm.

On the thirteenth, Jupiter enters Pisces and your house of education. You could be taking a workshop sponsored by the company on some new technology. There is also a possibility of learning about negotiation, sales, or getting along with your fellow employees.

There's a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and your house of work on May 26. It would be good to back up your data in case of equipment problems. There is also a possibility that someone in the office is out and now those duties will fall to you. This could be a very busy time.

The twenty-ninth has Mercury in Gemini going retrograde. It's likely you’ll see most of the effects of this on other people. Co-workers could be late to work, or someone might lose an important key or have car trouble. This could cause duties to shift to you as you make up for a colleague's absence.

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