Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

Mark May 5 on your calendar, Cancer, because that’s the day a Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse bring an important mysterious stranger into your life. This person will be secretive and intimidating, which is incredibly intriguing. If you dare to approach them, make sure what you say is memorable.

On the seventh, romantic Venus leaves Gemini, one of the most notorious players of the zodiac, for your sensitive sign, so it won’t be your intention to lead anyone on. You’re interested in getting to know people on an honest, genuine level now, and if you say you’re going to text, you will.

When the sun pairs up with flirty flirt Gemini on May 21, though, you do start to play some questionable little mind games. Maybe you want to see if someone you’re talking to is on your intellectual level, or maybe you’re doing it just for fun. But hurting someone’s feelings just because you can isn’t a nice move, and it’s very unlike you. Do better, Cancer.

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