Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

You’re feeling up one minute and down the next as a new month starts thanks to your emotional leader Luna spending time in your moody first house. Do you think it’s fair to be giving such mixed signals to someone you’re interested in? Try not to commit to anything too serious during this lunation in case you change your mind later.

You’ll be having some dark, risqué thoughts when communicative Mercury starts its weeks-long trip through extreme Aquarius and your intense sex zone on February 11, but thoughts are just thoughts, right? As long as you don’t feel the actual need to act on any of your taboo fantasies, there’s nothing to worry about.

A hot and heavy romance may be on its way during the new moon phase in like-minded water sign Pisces on the nineteenth, especially if you’re willing to open your heart and trust again. It’s hard letting go of past pain, Cancer, but remember that your next love isn’t the same person as your ex. A fresh start would be ideal for everyone involved.

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