Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

Playing hard to get can be fun, but there’s no reason to play any games when sexy Venus moves into fiery Aries on May 2. If you’re attracted to someone and they’re feeling you back, what are you waiting for? Quick hookups are super hot under this “just go for it” cosmic combo.

On the fifteenth, your compassion shows itself as nurturing Ceres links up with your caring sign, so you’ll be much more into taking care of someone than just a fast physical encounter. You’ll be attracted to people who need a lot of help now, though, so be sure you don’t get in over your head in something that you don’t really want to deal with long term.

With the moon, your emotional guide, full in Scorpio and experiencing a lunar eclipse on that same day, your emotions can become very intense. This lunar energy is regenerative in nature, but you have to be willing to let go of the past as you move into the future. And you might honestly not be ready to do that just yet, which is okay.

On May 30, there’s a new moon in flexible Gemini to help cleanse your palate and give you a fresh start. The more willing you are to consider all your options now, the happier you’ll be. Just let go and let it happen, Cancer!

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