Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

With the sun rolling through your house of communication early this month, you have a much easer time talking to people you’re attracted to. Your shyness is still there, but when you meet someone you have a lot in common with, you forget about any hints of self-consciousness that have interfered with your flirting abilities in the past.

On September 6, fighter Pallas teams up with your sign and sends an empowering message to your subconscious: you are not to be messed with! If you’ve allowed someone (especially an ex) to take advantage of you in any way in the past, let them know it stops now. Today. And if you need someone to back you up, the strong females in your life are there for you.

A new moon shows up on the twenty-fifth in your house of roots, early childhood experiences and home life. This sends you on an inevitable trip down memory lane, and it might send you in search of childhood friends or a favorite couple (grandparents, perhaps) who remind you of what a good, solid relationship should be like. Your turn is coming, Cancer. Your soul mate is someone who makes you feel safe and secure.

Cancer Compatibility