Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

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You love the summer months, and the start of July is made even more magical with the sun shining brightly in your caring sign. Communicative Mercury joins the party on the eleventh, helping you deal compassionately with potential lovers. Rely on your intuition now. It won’t lead you astray.

Your ruler moon is new in your sign on July 9, bringing new situations into focus. Even if you’re holding on to memories from the past, you can’t help but be intrigued by someone new. Your past is starting to dim as your future brightens.

The moon is full in Aquarius on the twenty-third, inviting you to get closure and finally move past whatever issues have been holding you back. As a sentimental water sign, you won’t ever let go of the past completely, but this future-minded lunation can help you focus on what’s ahead instead of always looking back.

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