Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

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You love the serious vibe you get from the sun in conservative, relationship-seeking Taurus at the start of the month. Although jealousy tends to come out now too, you won’t feel it unless you really care about someone. The right person will try to soothe your insecurities, not stir them up.

There’s a sextile between spontaneous Mars in your moody sign and Uranus in earthy Taurus on May 11 that brings quick, sudden change that you might not be able to do anything about. And that’s okay, Cancer, because it’s been time for some change for a while now.

There’s a full moon (your ruler) and lunar eclipse in fire sign Sagittarius on the twenty-sixth that can be overwhelming with the many exciting ideas and fun adventures it conjures up. Take a deep breath and realize that not everything has to happen right now. How great is it to have so much to look forward to?!

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