Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

You’re a very caring, imaginative lover, Cancer, but you only show your vulnerability to people you trust completely. This means that casual hookups are probably not on the menu while romantic Venus moves through your shy sign this week, but you’re totally into spending time with and getting to know someone better on a platonic level (for now).

Monday brings an intense Mars-Jupiter square that gets you off on the wrong foot when meeting someone new or someone you’ve talked with online but are seeing in person for the first time. It’s easy for your actions to be misunderstood now, and you don’t really have the words to explain yourself adequately. Maybe just count this one as an L and let it go.

Your creative side is appealing during the eccentric Venus-Uranus sextile over the weekend, and you’re attracted to other imaginative types who like art, music, cooking, etc. A dark-haired Scorpio is intriguing. Make plans to get to know them better.

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