Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

A sensitive Mars-Neptune conjunction in emotional water sign Pisces arrives early in the week and puts you in comfortable territory. Your moods are still somewhat unstable, but it’s reassuring to know that the universe is now giving you permission to lead with your heart instead of your head.

As the sun exits loyal Taurus and moves into restless Gemini on Friday, you open yourself up to more and different dating options than you have recently. Changing your profile settings to include more diverse types of people gets you a lot more views, DMs, and matches on your favorite dating app.

There’s a driven Mars-Pluto sextile over the weekend that shows you what you can truly do when you put your mind to it and believe in yourself. If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t “good enough” for someone, Cancer, this confidence-boosting aspect reminds you who you are and what you’re capable of!

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