Cancer 2021 Love Horoscope

Your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities is not a House of Power this year, but your Love Planet (Saturn) is making a major move from Aries into Taurus. Thus there are going to be important changes in your love and social life, and especially in your social attitudes. Love is becoming much more exciting in 2021. More like a soap opera than a relationship – never a dull moment.

Last year you pursued relationships with people above you in status; with people of power and authority; people who could help your career. Come 1st March, this changes. You pursue friendships with peers – your equals. Like-minded-ness is much more important this year than power, prestige or social status.

Last year singles found love as they pursued their career objectives – perhaps at work or with the boss, or at a corporate function. This year they find love through friends or introductions made by friends. Love comes at seminars, organizational meetings or through group activities. You find scientists, technologists, astrologers and media types very alluring now – especially if they are on the business side of these things.

Last year you wanted a spouse you could look up to. This year you want a spouse or lover who is your friend. This shift in attitude – a trend for the next two to two-and-a-half years – could naturally impact on any previous relationship. If the old relationship can’t adjust, it will be all over. A crisis in a current relationship is brewing. Its survival is a matter of your free will.

For the past two to two-and-a-half years love and romance – perhaps matrimony – were your highest priorities in life. Starting 1st March they are less so. Health, work and career become more important.

Your love planet (Saturn) moving through your llth House (of Friends, Group Activities and Fondest Wishes) shows that many of you are fulfilling your fondest hopes and wishes in love. Your highest ideals are coming to pass. But if your ideals were not fully thought out, or incomplete or in error, it will be shown to you this year and you will need to revise them.

Those who have been married once before seem less interested in matrimony this year. There is an enjoyment in being free and uncommitted. Cancer are enjoying your space. -But those who have been married twice before are likely to find Mr or Ms Right this year. Romance is definitely happening. He or she might be an improved version of your first spouse – someone with all his or her good points minus the deficiencies. Love can happen suddenly out of the blue – but you will, no doubt, test it thoroughly.

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