Cancer Monthly Horoscope

You and your friends can bring stability to one another this month, sweet Crab, because the Taurus sun activates the sector of your chart that governs community. This cosmic climate is perfect for laying down foundations for new relationships while helping you feel secure in the process. These sentiments receive a significant boost when the sun cozies up to revolutionary Uranus on May 5, creating a breakthrough in any new connections you’ve had trouble growing.

While it’s certainly important that you invest time and energy in your friendships right now, you’ll also want to keep one eye on your career as Jupiter enters Aries on the tenth. This planetary placement is set to bring prosperity and luck to your solar tenth house, making it important that you invest your energy in the professional path of your dreams. If you’re unhappy in your current situation, now would be the time to shift your work in a new direction. You might also want to touch base with the other side, whispering your hopes to the wind, because the universe will look for ways to help you achieve such goals.

May Premium HoroscopeWe are not going to lie, the month ahead comes with its fair share of intense aspects! May is a month that will keep you on your toes.

May 20 marks the beginning of Gemini season, which will require you to go within as the cosmos ask you to sort through your psyche. Give yourself plenty of space to honor your deepest thoughts and feelings, especially if it has been a while since you spent some time alone. Unfortunately, these vibes could get a bit upsetting and cerebral if you aren’t gentle with yourself, so don’t hold back on your self-care should you find yourself in need of pampering.

Standout days: 7, 16, 30
Challenging days: 4, 5, 9

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