Cancer Monthly Horoscope

The Virgo sun puts you in a high-functioning and sharp-witted place, dear Cancer, bringing a thoughtful and work-oriented energy to the table. However, with both Venus and Mercury traveling backward through our skies, there’s a risk you’ll encounter clerical errors, miscommunications, and other mistakes if you don’t take care to ground.

Luckily, connecting with your surroundings will come more easily once Venus stations direct on September 3, heightening your senses in the process. Mercury propels forward once more the next day, though you might still experience aftershocks from both these retrogrades throughout the coming weeks.

September Premium HoroscopeWe are not going to lie, the month ahead comes with its fair share of intense aspects! September is a month that will keep you on your toes.

The sun and Neptune face off on the nineteenth, bringing a spiritual element to the table. Work with these vibes by leaning in to your dreams, trusting that manifestation is possible when you work hard and believe in yourself. Unfortunately, rude awakenings could be in store if you don’t apply sound logic to your plans, so be sure to take into account the reality of your situation and what must be done to achieve such ambitions.

September 22 marks the beginning of fall, putting you in a cozy and homey headspace. Consider updating your abode to reflect the changing of the season, and be sure to host family and friends whenever the mood strikes.

However, you’ll want to pull back from domestic bliss during the full moon on the twenty-ninth, which takes place in Aries and the sector of your chart that governs success. Don’t be afraid to put your occupational needs first, understanding that the cosmos is presenting you with an opportunity to shine professionally.

Standout days: 8, 14, 20
Challenging days: 10, 12, 17

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