Cancer Wellness Horoscope

Physical structure – the Cancers are usually round and stout. As they become middle aged they tend to become stout. They have dark but thin hair, small nose, high forehead and deep eyes. This makes them look very profound and serious. They usually have a fair complexion and a round chin. Their height is not so tall but average. They have soft and dreamy expressions which at times suggest naivety. They have a subtle, reassuring and protective appearance. Their physical appearance usually gives us an idea about their inner nature.

Cancer habits - the Cancers have a habit of indulging in eating sweets, ice-creams and desserts. This can have an adverse effect on their health, especially their weight. This also increases their risk of getting diseases like diabetics. One way for them to avoid this is by chewing sugar free gum or eating dry foot to deal with their craving of sweet. They also have this habit of clinging too much to their past. It is very difficult for them to come out of something, let go, forgive and forget. Once they are attached to something they will hold on to it for a long time. They are also very careful about their money and do not overspend.

Health – usually they have a good health, but due to the lack of physical activity they tend to become a little overweight. It is important for them to indulge in some physical exercise or play some sport, or atleast make it a habit to go for long walks. They can also face problems related to mental stress or anxiety as they are very sensitive and prone to mood swings. They get upset very easily which causes a lot of stress for them. They need to learn to control their emotions and remain calm and controlled at all times.

Cancer beauty scope – to stay fit the cancer needs to do some physical exercise. They look good in shades of grey or silver. They have a very healthy skin tone and a natural brown lipstick adds glow to their skin. To highlight the emotional side of their personality, they could apply rose coloured nail polish and wear a pearl necklace. They are very good at carrying off what they wear, be it clothes or jewellery. Their sense of dressing depends on their mood, like grey when they are sad, red when excited, orange when hopeful and so on.

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