Cancer April 2021 Horoscope

Your socio-professional destiny is in focus and exchanges are beautiful and friendly! A cluster in Aries, the Sun and Mercury until the 19th, then Venus until the 14th, announces a spot light on your career or your destiny, the energies provoke challenges to be taken up. Mars in Gemini until the 23rd reinforces an idea of challenge with a tendency to be secret or to be a little passive.

From the 24th, Mars in your sign, upsets the deal and fully boosts your personality. Your life with your love or partner continues its moult, last decan. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius awaken your interest in your financial or sensual affairs, evolution or exaggeration, last two decans. From the 20th, the Sun and Mercury in Taurus announce a lot of friendly contacts as well as a beautiful realization of your projects!

Love in General:
For half of the month, your amorous impulses are diluted a little by too much haste or on the contrary hesitation, refocus on your important capacity to love. Your libido is discreet and powerful for the whole last week! After the 20th, the energies of Taurus serve your intimate sensual and delicate nature, your feelings take a prime position!

In a relationship:
An intimate intensity could revive a seduction that is both lively and warm between you and your lover! This climate could jostle you a bit, welcome this wave of emotional benefit. After the 20th, you find your fundamentals, your other half and they become the center of your thoughts and your heart!

Love can fall on you with lightning and fire but it is not certain that it will settle down in the long run. You are active and communicating but love that comes on too fast makes you run away. After the 20th, the universe favors everything that touches you intimately: calm and pleasure. It's your turn to play!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Be patient a little during the first half of the month because the vibrant energies of Aries could upset your sensitive personality. So, it

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