Cancer April 2022 Horoscope

The conjunction Mars / Venus, could play on your nerves or on your mind. You may feel that conversations with your loved ones are redundant or unnecessary. In reality, you cannot really sort through your thoughts and feelings. Some will even have the vague impression of reliving the same scenes, in the same way. Do not get carried away by excessive pessimism or projects going beyond current possibilities. You will soon have golden opportunities to prove that you were right or that others were wrong. As you prefer! Relax and soften the tone and content of your messages. All situations evolve, even the most complicated to decode. Jupiter is the master of the game and redistributes the cards.

Cancer: Love in General April 2022

Cancer:Why violently feel the slightest remark? If no one ventures on the hazardous paths of your love life, it is not out of disinterest, quite the contrary. The planetary cluster in sign of water, brings you something to navigate in calm waters. Unfortunately, you only see the ripples that disturb the surface. Take the oars and advance bravely, nothing forbids you to reach peaceful shores.

Cancer: In a relationship April 2022

Cancer:This is the time to open your mind but also to diversify your interests to vary the pleasures: all the pleasures. Wondering how to make your partner dream? No problem, you have everything you need and he/she wants more! The 15 and 16 do not steer for details.

Cancer: Single April 2022

Cancer:You too would like to do joint projects with someone? You do not think so well! In fact, this month bears the seeds of the surprise of a meeting or a discovery. A person who seemed to be escaping so far tames and shows "his/her credentials"!

Cancer: Career / Finance April 2022

Cancer: Thi is always a good time for your professional expansion. If you wish, you can take a step or change direction. If you have any doubts, from the 12th, Mercury in Taurus creates favorable circumstances for constructive and enriching exchanges. If you have to make a choice, wait until the 16th because it will be driven by your intuition and pragmatism. On the financial side, you may be tempted by purchases that, in the long run, would not suit you and that, as a bonus, would impose budget restrictions. Stay on your fundamentals. It will be safer.

Cancer: Monthly Advice April 2022

Cancer:.Your childish side is seductive; do not fall into excess we could find you capricious or too spoiled. In return, you catch sights and hearts without even realizing it. The 30 do not abuse your charm.

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