Cancer February 2021 Horoscope

Intensity and spiritual openness! Your sign receives the Sun, Mercury and Venus until the 18th, in Aquarius, provoking a strong introspection. Carnal desires are more important than usual, supported by Mars in Taurus in beautiful aspect to your sign. This area also welcomes Jupiter and Saturn, and you could deeply change your relationship to money and your vision of life, except the last decan.

Your sensitive nature is boosted by Uranus, first decan, to change your social circle or modify projects that became obsolete. From the 19th, the Sun in Pisces joins Neptune inviting you to open ever more to an ideal of life that you could caress for some time, especially second decan. Pluto still in Capricorn awakens the third decan to a total rebirth!

Love in General:
Your feelings for this month are intense and even excessive! Venus in Aquarius until the 25th is full of liberty and effervescence but it jostles your powerful sensitivity a bit, you could suffer from a lack of emotional spring. Fortunately, all month Mars boosts your sensuality and facilitates your intimate relationships. Wait, after the 19th, the climate is more romantic and softer. Great!

In a relationship:
If your couple works harmoniously, the energies in the air, for half of the month, will not interfere with your complicity. On the other hand, if some disagreements drag on, it is possible that this electric environment up til the 19th reopens some issues. Escape together, outings and friendly meetings will help you relax.

Some meetings are possible if you agree to go out in the world. Mars supports your dynamism and your faith in yourself! People very different from your usual attractions might please you, is it really sustainable in the long run? Could you meet your soulmate after the 19th?

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A month that could be a little noisy for your hypersensitive personality but the energies seek your evolution not your pessimism! Welcome what happens to you with positive thoughts, life is a journey of which you are at every moment the volunteer passenger!

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